Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress – a MUST ride at Magic Kingdom?

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Dear Nina, we are SO excited for our trip, but with all this extra time, I thought I would research more on rides. I would love your thoughts. We are starting with Magic Kingdom. Any hidden gems? Thanks again – Heather and Family. Stay Healthy!

AS you know, I LOVE Magic Kingdom and I also love the hidden gems of ALL the Disney Parks. So…if you read my post on the PeopleMover, this could be Part 2 so to speak. Another not so popular or non coaster is Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. Also located in Magic Kingdom, nestled in the back in Tomorrowland. But don’t let the simple facade of a building deter you, this ride is GENIUS and a fan favorite. Its practically a cult classic ride for Disney Fans.

Disney Carousel of Progress

Make sure to keep following along as I will try to discuss many rides a bit further in detail, more than I perhaps normally would in an email. Disney World is filled with wondrous treats that many aren’t aware of and usually these gems are my personal faves and MUSTS when vacationing Disney. As always, Keep following my page for more tips & tricks and make sure to watch the video at the end of these posts, I just might feature the ride or attraction in question. Why not Watch AND Read about these special experiences.

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress:

The Carousel of Progress is an AMAZING ride/attraction, especially when you think about how it was created forever ago. Made in the 60’s and moved around from its original viewing at the New York World’s Fair, then stopped at Disneyland for a while before finding its final home at Magic Kingdom. Located near the back side of Tomorrowland, practically across from the PeopleMover and near Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Perfect for the WHOLE Family:

For families, it’s the perfect ride. It’s great for ALL ages and I mean babies to grandparents. Its slow, simple and not at all scary. Its like watching a movie, a moving picture with animatric figures that talk, sing and tell jokes. But the big thrill is…the theater moves. That’s right, you’re in a rotating theater.

So what is it:

Like I mentioned above you’re in a moving theater that slowly rotates in a full circle, taking stops along the way. Similar to a movie, you are watching a story unfold but with an animatric family. You get to ride the exciting evolutionary journey by witnessing all the various technological advances made in the 20th century, including electricity. See how magical it was to have an ice box, enjoying the invention of air conditioning or a owning an automobile. Watch as your soon to be favorite (typical) American family goes through life and time advancing along with all the wondrous creations of the technical age. It’s very nostalgic, educational and entertaining all at the same time. Not to mention – Air conditioning. Nothing beats the heat, rain or sun like an in-door ride.

Park Classic:

Nothing brings back memories of this ride like the classic and very iconic song – There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow. Like Its a Small World, this song will live in your head for days but at the same time has a very uplifting thought. Like Walt himself, this song screams positive thinking and optimism. Its almost the perfect song for these current trying times. Tomorrow is another day and there is great big beautiful tomorrow that shines at the end of every day. Between the catchy song, the nostalgia for the past and Uncle Orville (lol), this ride could be your NEW favorite.

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