The PeopleMover – the BEST ride at Magic Kingdom?

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Dear Nina, we are SO excited for our trip, but with all this extra time, I thought I would research more on rides. I would love your thoughts. We are starting with Magic Kingdom. Any hidden gems? Thanks again – Heather and Family. Stay Healthy!

YAY, love hearing that. Nothing helps a gloomy day more than planning a Disney Vacation. Magic Kingdom is my FAVORITE Park, well outside of Disneyland. But its my favorite WDW Park. I am a HUGE sucker for the classic rides. Forget coasters, I want to ride Pirates and Haunted Mansion and even Dumbo over and over again. But as you mentioned, there are a few hidden gems that most people don’t brag about. You know, after talking to your friends neighbors cousin about their trip…did they ever mention a ride called the PeopleMover? My guess is no, but for many in the know, its a MUST.


Make sure to keep following along as I will try to discuss many rides a bit further in detail, more than I perhaps normally would in a email. Disney World is filled with wondrous treats that many aren’t aware of and usually these gems are my personal faves and MUSTS when vacationing Disney. As always, Keep following my page for more tips & tricks and make sure to watch the video at the end of these posts, I just might feature the ride or attraction in question. Why not Watch AND Read about these special experiences.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover:

The PeopleMover (so simply named) is located in the Magic Kingdom. Its in the Tomorrowland area and an easy miss for many vacationers. The ride actually takes place ABOVE all the walkers and visiting guests. So when entering the ride, all you really see is a walkway elevator taking you up. Its nestled near some counter service eats and next to the Astro Orbiter (the space rocket ride you can see from a far). So in reality…it really is a Hidden Gem. I can only assume many just walk right past it, assuming since not a coaster, its something you can miss 🙁

Perfect for the WHOLE Family:

For families, its the perfect ride. Its great for ALL ages and I mean babies to grandparents. Its slow, simple and not at all scary. Sometimes you pass through a dark tunnel, but its quick and you can usually see the light at the end. If your kids like trains or the monorail, this would be a MUST.

So what is it:

It is what the name says…it moves people. Its a simple tracked ride where you enter and sit and watch and enjoy. It takes you above the park and through tunnels, buildings and rides, its a basic overview of the Tomorrowland area. Kinda like a train without the chaga chaga, choo choo. Its the perfect ride to relax, take in some air conditioning and get out of the sun for a while. As a kid, I LOVED this ride as it gave you a sneak preview into Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. There are no hills or scary turns, only time it speeds up is to take a corner. The corners are the big thrill.

The Views:

I think my FAVORITE part of this ride, outside of watching other guests enjoy Disney are the views. Since this ride takes you around the Tomorowland area, above the people below, you get some good looks without a lot of obstruction. Love the castle, construction of NEW ideas and other rides in the area. You can even see some characters walking around or greeting guests. Buzz & Woody are common in this area. I love the breeze in my face and lights and colors should you ride at night. WARNING: it is hard to snap a decent picture as you do move at a good pace, so just enjoy it.

So give it a chance and enjoy! Just remember there is more to Disney than just coasters and rides you hear about from friends.

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Magic Kingdom; If I could only RIDE 3 rides.

Ever wonder to yourself, if I am headed to Magic Kingdom and can ONLY ride 3 rides, which would I chose? Read ON for my list…

Hey Guys, Perhaps this is just me, but often I am put in a situation where I am only going to a park for a few and have to narrow down my ride choices. But what if you can ride whatever you want, but can only ride 3, what would you do? Would you experience all your favorites? All the popular, hard to get rides? Would you ride rides from your childhood that perhaps make you the happiest? Here is my list of 3 Magic Kingdom rides/attractions I would do If I only got 3 at Disney World.

Haunted Mansion:

I love the Haunted Mansion, but I love it more and more being a mom. My daughter is SO amazed by this ride that it brings new joy to my life. I love the Not So Scary spookiness of it all. How it gives you a little fright at the very beginning, then leads you to your Doom Buggie through a cob-webby hallway of haunted portraits and art.. I am not sure how they managed to make a ride so eerie, yet almost happy at the same time. I especially love it knowing that parts of the ride were recreated from the famous Winchester Mystery House, which is in my home-town. Its very familiar and happy for me. Just remember to pay attention to the Grave Yard before the ride. Silly humor is my jam.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Love, Love, Love the Pirates of the Caribbean. As I do prefer the original, before Jack Sparrow and before Redd the rum slinging pirate, I am in awe by the music; the song, the lyrics. The words chosen for the Yo, Ho, Yo Ho song are just amazing. I love “we’re devils and black sheep, really bad eggs”, “but we’re loved by our mommies and dads”. The magic and skill behind those words mixed with music made for a perfect, stuck in your head song. I would fall asleep to the park soundtrack as a kid and this was always my favorite. I also love being stopped in my boat during the burning, fire scene…the way they made those logs really look like they are burning, cracking and ready to fall still amaze me today.

We Wants the Redhead!!
People Mover:

Yep, I am one of those crazy fanatics that loves the super simple, super chill People Mover. Partly because I remember riding it as a kid with my Gramma (who is now passed) or I remember riding it with my daughter for the first time when she was 2 and just couldn’t stop smiling. We would get on, then off, then on again…riding like 3 times in a row. It has one of the best views of the castle and the park in general and it oddly whips you around corners and takes you inside Space Mountain, the ONE ride I refuse to ride. AND it never had a line, which made it even better. Of course the last few times I have been in Magic Kingdom, it did have a line. Once I waited like 35 mins for it, which is super crazy.

So…whats your list. If you could ride any 3 rides, BUT just those 3 – what would you pick?

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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