BOARDING a Disney Cruise? Don’t Miss Out.

Looking to Book a Disney Cruise?  Don’t want to miss a single thing?  Learn what to do when you are Boarding.

Hey FANS, a short one for you today.  I just posted my latest YOUTUBE video on this subject and thought I would expand a little.  To see the VIDEO…WATCH this.

So we booked you a Disney Cruise, your packed, your at the terminal waiting to be called – see this post on what I am talking about (A Disney Cruise Line HOW TO – The Port Canaveral Experience) and then WHAT?

What should you do FIRST?  NEXT?  Where do you GO?  Such good questions and lets see if I can help.


After Boarding…Find a Pool Chair and JUMP IN!

You should RELAX, EXPLORE, EAT and DRINK (if that’s your wish).  You should POOL, PLAY and SPLASH!!  But seriously…all of those things.  Make a list and do what’s most important.  TO me – its FOOD, how fast can I get some Disney Eats in my Belly.

For others – its finding the BEST pool spot, grabbing a chair, a drink and catching some sweet rays.  Others its…find the nearest bartender for a drink (Party time is HERE).

So many options, which to chose.  Again…make that list and decide.  Board with your swimsuit ON, board ready to grab a bite and chill.  SO many food options, Buffet, restaurant with Menu, pool grab & go eats.  You really can do it all.  You can POOL, EAT and Drink at the same time!  Head up to Deck 9/10 (depending on the ship) and go forth and conquer.  Generally speaking the Pool and Buffet are on the same deck…so follow the crowd and ENJOY!

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Nassau TOUR and REVIEW

Thinking about Porting in Nassau.Β  What to do, what to see and where to go with Disney Cruise Line

Ok – so today we are gonna talk about Nassau (which is in the Bahamas).Β  This is a very common or popular ports of call for ALL Cruise Lines to dock at.Β  YES, I said DOCK – no tender here πŸ™‚Β  I have personally been to Nassau a few times as well as other Cruise Port locations (I am a vast wealth of knowledge, lol).Β  At first, our plan was to skip Nassau and stay aboard the ship (doing awesome ADULT-ONLY fun), but we decided what the heck, lets explore for an hour or so…so we did.


The Disney Dream!

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IMPORTANT: Getting off the Ship

When you first get off the ship (WITH YOUR ID/PASSPORT and DCL CARD) you enter a “holding area” for lack of a better word.Β  Its a gated area, contained at the port…but its FILLED with local vendors calling out your name – “pretty lady, pretty lady – you need hair braids?”Β  They have drinks, snacks, Bahamas Merch (tees, bags, trinkets, etc) and the Hair Braiding ladies (PS – you can also get your Hair Braided on the Ship).Β  Walk fast or shop – totally your call.Β  And YES, you can barter here.

The Nassau Experience:

Then you can step outside of the gate and enter Nassau – this is where you can catch a cab/taxi or enter the city marketplace area.Β  SAFETY TIP – I wouldn’t venture too far into Nassau – either BOOK a Port Excursion with Disney, take a Cab to a beach or walk 1-2 blocks…that’s it.Β  On a Previous trip, I booked a DAY at the local Sandals Resort (another story).Β  Immediately entering this area, a friend got into a conversation with a local regarding “knock off” bags.Β  AS many people might say, “no thanks” – she was very interested.Β  So we found ourselves following this local lady into a few shops.Β  Shops that were dark, closed and could have easily been a human trafficking den…but it was early and they just hadn’t opened yet (but still, never keep your guard down).

Bags, upon bags, upon bags galore EVERYWHERE.Β  Knocks-offs from all brands and celebs.Β  Purses, wallets, hats, shoes, sunglasses, etc.Β  If this is your thing – I got their card πŸ˜‰Β  ALSO it turns out this lady…she is like a shopper for the various shops (I think earning commission from the store fronts for bring you into store and purchasing).Β  She was very nice, friendly and a smooth talker…hard to say no (so again be firm if not interested).Β  After we left (yes people did purchase) we found others doing the same thing (other “shopper” ladies with signs showing pictures of purses).

Visiting the Local Marketplace:

AS other members of our group left to do other things, we stayed course and walked our few blocks, shopping in the market place before heading back to the ship…as we had pre-purchased the SPA day (the Rainforest Room).Β  Lots of shops, many were US brand locations too like Starbucks, Subway, Hard Rock, etc.Β  But we were interested in souvenirs for the kids we left at home.Β  See pictures BELOW:

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After we scored a few deals, we left…heading back to the ship – but NOT before we got our passports stamped.Β  Yep – FREE souvenir…get your passport stamped at Nassau!


Proof you have been to the Bahamas!

**NOTE – Nassau is one of those ports that many have been too SO MANY times that they might decide to stay on-board the ship.Β  I was curious to see HOW many people actually were left of on the ship.Β  More on this subject later, but I was pleasantly surprised at the “openness” of the pool/spa areas – perhaps more people explored Nassau as we did.

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Remember…not only do I travel Disney for FUN and Enjoyment and LOVE, but its also my job.Β  So if thinking of a Disney Cruise – contact me for a quote.Β  I LOVE sharing all of my experience and tips/tricks of traveling.

Mahalo for reading and PLEASE FOLLOW my Blog – Nina

Disney Cruise Line – Stateroom TOUR

Hi guys, back again talking about my most recent CRUISE experience.Β  WE were on the Disney Dream, which is one of the larger ships (which to me has its perks and disadvantages).Β  We actually had connecting staterooms, so 2 rooms!Β  One slept 4 and one slept 3 (mine slept 3).Β  We were Deck 9 in a Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah (aka Balcony).Β  NOTE:Β  The Verandah is a MUST HAVE (in my opinion) and 100% safe for kids (in my Youtube Video (WATCH), I show why).

So…who wants to see what a Stateroom is like??Β  See the pictures BELOW and READ the Captions!


Your VIEW as you walk in!Β  Queen bed and sofa (bed).Β  You can see my Verandah (which I love for light, fresh air, quiet time and PURE relaxation).

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ABOVE is the SHOWER Area Bath – as we had SPLIT BATHS.Β  One was the Shower WITH Tub and the other (SEE BELOW) is the Toilet.Β  Both had space for toiletries and had sinks for washing hands, teeth brushing, etc.

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And Finally – Remember that Sofa (bed) from the FIRST picture.Β  SEE Below for its nightly transformation.Β  My kids LOVE sleeping on this.Β  And if you have the 4th sleeper, the top opens up and a BUNK BED comes out with a latter (another FUN sleeping area).Β  Your Room Steward will make and unmake these areas so you aren’t bumping your head on the bunks all day.Β  Its like MAGIC…you leave with bunk beds and return with a Sofa to hang out on, read, chat, watch TV, etc.


And NOW its ready for sleeping – Night-Night.Β  Remember to pull that curtain across for some privacy sleeping πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed my virtual Stateroom tour…I will also upload a VIDEO I took of the same room (on my Youtube Channel).Β  I would love to book you a MAGICAL cruise, so contact me and lets get you SAILING ON THE HIGH SEAS with Disney πŸ™‚

Mahalo – Nina