Should you skip Epcot at Disney World?

Headed to Disney and wondering if you should skip Epcot? Read on about the Pros/Cons of Epcot.

Dear Nina, Love your Page, been following it for a long time. My family and I are FINALLY ready to start planning a Disney trip and we keep hearing from friends & family that we should skip Epcot? What do you think? My SIL said there aren’t many rides and her kids were done before dinner. My kids are 3 & 6, should we do a different park twice and skip Epcot? Thanks. PS – Can’t wait to book with you.

Hi Reader, thanks for contacting me and thanks for following my page. So yes, you could totally skip Epcot if you wanted and do, perhaps, Magic Kingdom twice. I do get this question frequently and sadly have heard the same sentiments from previous clients. If it helps, we LOVE Epcot at my house. Epcot can be a lot of walking and less rides than other parks BUT Epcot is not like the others for a reason, it was designed to be educational, an innovative park. We think of it as a break from the go-go-go the other parks can create.

And if it helps, Epcot is in the process of changing. The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow is adapting with the times and NEW rides and experiences are coming. You might not want to miss that. So, as I feel like you have heard reasons to skip Epcot, read below for reasons to consider it:


Epcot is a great park to meet Characters, but I am not talking just Mickey. Epcot features characters that you won’t find anywhere else. Think the Frozen Sisters and Olaf, how about Wreck it Ralph or Baymax. Not to mention lots of princesses in the World Showcase. Epcot even has a Princess Character Meal so you can dine with some classic Princesses. So if your kids are Princess fans, this park might need to be on the list.


Epcot is known for its food, especially in the World Showcase. So when others are eating classic Theme Park food, you could be enjoying traditional dishes from around the world. My husbands favorite places to eat are at Epcot. Not to mention Epcot often has a Food festival going on which means even more eats and treats AND drinks. So, while pushing the kids in the stroller, you could be enjoying a flavorful beverage with a creative, tasty treat. I mean, its your vacation too, right?!?!

KIDCOT FUN STOP: Passport Series:

I feel like this FREE Activity is often passed up by vacationers due to the fact, they just don’t know about it. Kids can explore EACH country in the World Showcase and get a Passport Card to add to their Suitcase Collection. They can color on the cards and learn new ways to say “hello”. My kids love talking to the Cast Members at each station and learning new words and about cultural traditions.


So, if you are still worried about adding Epcot to your trip plans, do what we did in the beginning, plan it as a half day…with a Pool Break in the middle. Start the morning with some amazing rides, explore the World Showcase in the afternoon, then head to the pool before dinner time. Go swim, then return to Epcot for dessert and evening fireworks. As your Travel Agent we can discuss this at great detail to make sure you are making the best decision for your family. But in general, I suggest everyone give Epcot a try, you just might LOVE it as we do!!

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Gran Fiesta Tour – Epcot

Headed to Disney World and wondering what rides to not miss? Well I have a hidden ride that fans LOVE.

Hey guys, after talking to one of you I was thinking about some rides that most or first timers don’t really know about, because they aren’t coasters or rides to fastpass. One of these rides is in Epcot – known as the Gran Fiesta Tour featuring Donald Duck.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

As mentioned, this attraction is in Epcot…in the World Showcase. Its located in the Mexico Pavilion inside the giant Mayan pyramid. I wonder if some people just walk on past, not knowing what is inside. After you go up the stairs and into the Pyramid you enter a wonderful Mexico themed world.


Inside you will find a spectacular Mexican shopping area, like an outdoor crafts festival. Complete with Sugar Skulls, Tequila, Mexican themed gear and Coco merchandise. I really love shopping and looking around in this space. AS a person can only own so many Sugar Skulls, its enjoyable to look around and explore. There is also a Table Service Restaurant and a RIDE. The San Angel Inn Restaurante is a nice Mexican restaurant, but whats cool about it is, you can watch the ride boats go by.

The Ride:

Ride boats did I say? That’s right, next to the restaurant is the RIDE – Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros. Yep, you heard me – Donald and the gang. You hop into a boat, like on Its a Small World and travel with Donald, Panchito and Jose through Mexico. Of course Donald gets into some trouble (as expected)…but its a simple, kinda stereotypical ride that fans just adore. I can’t go to Epcot without riding this attraction…and you shouldn’t either. Like all of Disney’s “dark” rides, its a must.

The Rumor:

I feel like there is always a rumor going on about this ride as well, it never has a long wait and at times, I can usually just walk on in. But since the Coco movie came out, the rumor is giving this ride a make-over. The Gran Fiesta Tour opened in 2007, its hard to think of it changing already…but Disney loves a good Character Makeover (I am talking to you Frozen Ever After). Not sure how I feel about this rumor as I loved Coco but also think Donald and the gang are long lasting characters that deserve a place to be celebrated.

I hope you give this ride a chance when in Epcot, its actually nice having a ride in the World Showcase area, its breaks up all the shopping and eating 😉 As simple as this ride seems, compared to others, its a good ride for all ages and keeps the memory of the Three Caballeros alive.

If interested in booking a trip, contact me – I would love to help plan you an amazing vacation. Mahalo for reading and following along – Nina