Epcot at Disney World – the Skinny.

Planning a Disney World Vacation and wondering if Epcot is a MUST or not?

Dear Nina, since we have some extra free time, we are researching our trip, many people are telling us to skip Epcot at Disney World. What do you think? Should we just double up on a different park? What rides are at Epcot? Thanks as always – Jen

Hey, that’s a GREAT way to spend your extra time 🙂 Well I might be the wrong person to ask, as we love Epcot…but I will admit it wasn’t love at first sight. I think many people don’t see Epcot at Disney World for what it is. Its not your typical Theme Park, its not a thrill seekers park. Its more chill and has more non-ride attractions than the other parks have. Epcot is often thought about as a half day park or not for kids…all that means is some people are comparing it to parks like Magic Kingdom and not taking the time to explore its hidden treasures.


So basically Epcot is made of two sections, the World Showcase (various countries) and Future Showcase (rides, interactive attractions). And for those who are just looking for rides, they might not see all the other interactive and educational parts of Epcot and don’t forget the food. Keep reading for more detailed info. As always, keep following my page for more tips & tricks and make sure to watch the video at the end of these posts, I just might feature the ride or attraction in question. Why not Watch AND Read about these special experiences.

HIT Rides:

Epcot has some very well known and popular rides. Soarin’ Around the World is a FAN favorite, Test Track is the more speed racer attraction and then there is Frozen Ever After (perfect for those little princesses). All 3 rides are in the TOP tier for fastpasses, so you can ONLY pick 1 to fastpass, which leaves you waiting in line for the other 2 but ALL are a MUST. Spaceship Earth is a cult fan favorite and if you like simulation rides, Mission Space is also a popular one.

Perfect for the WHOLE Family:

Much of Epcot is great for the WHOLE family. So many rides and interactive attractions to enjoy, not to mention exploring the World Showcase and learning about different cultures (Kidcot Fun Spot). There is The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Turtle Talk with Crush, Living with the Land, Journey into Imagination with Figment and my personal fave – Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros (Donald Duck). Much of Epcot has interactive zones for guests to experience, usually pre or post rides, so don’t miss out on those. AND…Epcot is a great place to interact with and meet Characters, especially Princesses and more obscure characters like Baymax or Wreck it Ralph.


Like I mentioned above you can explore and learn about different countries, various cultures in Epcot. As I often describe it like an outdoor museum, its more than that. Its the sights, sounds, food, and even shopping from a distant land. Get close to authentic food per these countries, shop popular culture items and chat with a Cast Member from that region of the earth. And the food, SO MUCH FOOD!! Epcot is known for it cuisine and beverages. Many people flock to Epcot several times of year just for its eats and food festivals. When you are getting sick of Theme Park food, hit up Epcot.


Holidays are BIG at Epcot. We love it at Christmas time, all the countries are decorated per their culture or historical Christmas story. Most countries even share holiday music or have “storytelling hour” where they share stories of Christmases past per their country. Easter is fun too with the Eggstravaganza hunt. Festivals, so many festivals at Epcot that its hard to go without something special happening. All revolving around food booths and drinks with either Art, Flowers, Wine or Holidays as its theme.

So as you can see, Epcot is a bit different and it might be an acquired taste, but once you explore it properly…you will fall in love too. Epcot is like the non Theme Park of Disney but as long as you like to walk, eat, explore and learn…give Epcot a chance. NOTE: Disney is working on adding MORE rides and attractions, so soon Epcot just might be everyone’s FAVORITE park.

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Should you skip Epcot at Disney World?

Headed to Disney and wondering if you should skip Epcot? Read on about the Pros/Cons of Epcot.

Dear Nina, Love your Page, been following it for a long time. My family and I are FINALLY ready to start planning a Disney trip and we keep hearing from friends & family that we should skip Epcot? What do you think? My SIL said there aren’t many rides and her kids were done before dinner. My kids are 3 & 6, should we do a different park twice and skip Epcot? Thanks. PS – Can’t wait to book with you.

Hi Reader, thanks for contacting me and thanks for following my page. So yes, you could totally skip Epcot if you wanted and do, perhaps, Magic Kingdom twice. I do get this question frequently and sadly have heard the same sentiments from previous clients. If it helps, we LOVE Epcot at my house. Epcot can be a lot of walking and less rides than other parks BUT Epcot is not like the others for a reason, it was designed to be educational, an innovative park. We think of it as a break from the go-go-go the other parks can create.

And if it helps, Epcot is in the process of changing. The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow is adapting with the times and NEW rides and experiences are coming. You might not want to miss that. So, as I feel like you have heard reasons to skip Epcot, read below for reasons to consider it:


Epcot is a great park to meet Characters, but I am not talking just Mickey. Epcot features characters that you won’t find anywhere else. Think the Frozen Sisters and Olaf, how about Wreck it Ralph or Baymax. Not to mention lots of princesses in the World Showcase. Epcot even has a Princess Character Meal so you can dine with some classic Princesses. So if your kids are Princess fans, this park might need to be on the list.


Epcot is known for its food, especially in the World Showcase. So when others are eating classic Theme Park food, you could be enjoying traditional dishes from around the world. My husbands favorite places to eat are at Epcot. Not to mention Epcot often has a Food festival going on which means even more eats and treats AND drinks. So, while pushing the kids in the stroller, you could be enjoying a flavorful beverage with a creative, tasty treat. I mean, its your vacation too, right?!?!

KIDCOT FUN STOP: Passport Series:

I feel like this FREE Activity is often passed up by vacationers due to the fact, they just don’t know about it. Kids can explore EACH country in the World Showcase and get a Passport Card to add to their Suitcase Collection. They can color on the cards and learn new ways to say “hello”. My kids love talking to the Cast Members at each station and learning new words and about cultural traditions.


So, if you are still worried about adding Epcot to your trip plans, do what we did in the beginning, plan it as a half day…with a Pool Break in the middle. Start the morning with some amazing rides, explore the World Showcase in the afternoon, then head to the pool before dinner time. Go swim, then return to Epcot for dessert and evening fireworks. As your Travel Agent we can discuss this at great detail to make sure you are making the best decision for your family. But in general, I suggest everyone give Epcot a try, you just might LOVE it as we do!!

Like what you read? Found these tips helpful? Consider booking with a Trained, Experienced Travel Agent who vacations at Disney more times than they can count and knows the systems and policies inside and out. Booking with an expert CAN make your trip that much better.

Nina is a Highly Experienced Travel Agent who Specializes in Disney. She loves to share her knowledge and help her clients have the trip of a lifetime. She specializes in Making Memories, Family Destinations, Food Allergies and Special Needs. But she books Disney & Beyond, so contact her TODAY for a quote!!

Disney Rides that make me go, Blah

I just might lose followers over this, but there are a few Rides & Attractions that I always skip and pretty much give me zero feels.

Hey guys, after posting a few times about the rides I love, I thought I would post rides that give me the opposite feeling. These aren’t rides that I can’t do anymore, these are attractions that just don’t entertain me, like at all. WARNING: Some of these are popular, lol…and I just might upset a few people. Just remember its all in good fun, after-all many people dislike my favorites. Disney Rides that make me go Blah…


Don’t kill me, but Journey into the Imagination with Figment. I am so not interested in this ride. Of course, my kids love it. I like the concept and Figment but could do without the rest. Perhaps I am over stinky humor but I find the ride boring and annoying. Perhaps if there was more to it or if the audience was more involved I would think different. I feel like I am on some lame slow ride witnessing an old 1970’s science experiment. Its just not for me, sorry.

Animal Kingdom:

I think, I think at least a few people would agree with me on this one, but Its Tough to be a Bug. First, I don’t like the queue area. I can’t tell you how many times I felt stuck in an underground hole FILLED with too many people. We were practically on top of each other waiting in line to enter the show. All I kept thinking was A – don’t lose any kids and B – what if there was a fire or an emergency. The whole thing gave me the heebie-jeebies. And of course some kid knocked their fathers RED Slurpee like drink on the floor and it splashed up ALL over me. I had no where to go, with no way to clean up. Joy, sticky fingers! Then the show starts…always with a screaming kid. Then more screaming and crying once the bugs start crawling on you. I, of course, love this part, but its just odd and seems kinda like shock value verses real entertainment. Just not my jam, sorry folks.

At least the outside line gives you Up-Close views of the Tree of Life.
Hollywood Studios:

Another attraction I might get dinged for, Voyage of the Little Mermaid with Lightning McQueen being a super close second. But for discussion, Voyage of the Little Mermaid was cute and simple but so not worth getting in line, sitting and waiting for a show to start. I guess I would be willing to do it again if it was raining or if my kids begged…but it was a HUGE bust for this Mermaid loving gal. The puppets were cute and the acting was good, but I was BORED. I guess compared to the Frozen Sing a Long Show, its doesn’t even come close to to the same level of entertainment. Anyone else??

Magic Kingdom:

Saving the best for last or saving the one people would hate me over for last. Eek. Ok, here it goes – Enchanted Tales with Belle. Ok I said it. Its hard to put my finger on a real reason for this show, but I assume its because I have better rides to enjoy at Magic Kingdom. With Magic Kingdom being my FAVORITE park, I could ride and ride all day. So to stop for this show just didn’t hit the mark for me…and I LOVE shows. I find this show only entertaining if one of my family or friends is asked to participate. If this makes me evil, then I am. I can see the excitement for kids, wondering if they will be picked and they get to see Belle…but I think I would prefer a bigger, better theater production show over what it is today. Again…just my opinion.

How about you? What is your list? I am sure some of you would list one of my favorites. Like my Gramma, she hated Its a Small World, a ride I ALWAYS go on, lol.

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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