Peter Pan’s Secret LOST THINGS – Disneyland

While riding Peter Pan’s Flight in Disneyland…the kids and I noticed something. Something we never noticed before – Peter’s Lost Things? Secret?

Hey Fans, this is a quick one 🙂 A few weeks back the kids and I rode Peter Pan for like the hundredth time and we noticed something. Something we never realized before. After researching on the net…we are still rather clueless. So for you Disneyland fans…have you noticed this? What is this hidden secret?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Lost Things:

After being in a long line that stopped for a bit, we noticed little bronze figures in the ride queue. After looking and looking, these items are everywhere. Look up, look down, look around doorways and beams. We saw ships, anchors, lost items, toys, Nana, etc.


So I ask…have you noticed these before? What are they? When were they put there? Are they from the original design or an add-on from a refurbishment. I have never noticed these before. Aim I blind, too busy playing with my phone? I am so baffled by these and yet, I can’t find any info online. SEE images for examples. Of course after looking more closely at my pictures, I think they might be “original” and after years of oily hands touching, they have lost some original paint coloring or masking. Thus making them more visible to discover. FUN!!

John’s Top Hat?

So as this is not like my usual Blog Posts…I had to ask the public, the Social Media world. Perhaps a Cast Member from the ride knows? We were in such a rush to hit as many rides as we could, I forgot to ask. Either way, make sure to pay attention, even in line. You just never know what Disney Imagineers will hide for you to see. Hidden Mickeys, props from previous rides (Winnie the Pooh) and even hidden secrets from the creation of the ride itself. So put those phones down and explore 🙂

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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My FAVORITE things to do at Disneyland

Disneyland is SO different from Disney World, that there are few things I NEVER miss. READ on about my favorite things at Disneyland.

Hey guys, I am in FULL ON PACKING mode and getting excited for our upcoming family adventure to DISNEYLAND. I get alot of people who say, well I never plan to go there…so not gonna bother reading your posts or watching your videos about it. But I am here to tell you, WHY? Why not swing over to the original? Its an amazing vacation, you can get more done in a shorter time and price is usually about the same or less. Learn about what makes Disneyland unique and my FAVORITE park to visit.

Cars Land:

I post about this often, or at least I feel like I do…its because we LOVE it and there is NOTHING like it at Disney World. The entire land is SO immersive and bright and amazing. There is 3 awesome rides with 1 being the TOP ride for Disney’s California Adventure Park. I mean who wouldn’t want to Race with Lightning McQueen or stroll down Route 66 into Radiator Springs. AND who won’t want to walk past Tow Mater as he is strolling to his next meet & greet. And don’t get me started about how it looks at night, OMG!

Pixar Pier:

Again, another AMAZINGLY creative area that has nothing on Disney World. Its the Incredibles, Inside Out, Toy Story and more ALL wrapped into 1 area. There is a coaster, a carousal, fun fair games, NEW rides and everyone’s favorite – Toy Story Mania. But its the view that you get from Mickey’s Fun Wheel, now known as the Pixar Pal-A-Round is breathtaking. Nothing like putting all your favorite Pixar characters in 1 spot.

Indiana Jones:

No, I am not talking about the stage show that is at Hollywood Studios. This is an actual ride. A very crazy, bouncing and intense ride that puts you in the middle of the action. Explore with Indy and watch out for snakes and arrows and gun shuts. Ride a Jeep like vehicle that has 3 different tracks…you just never know what adventure you will be on. NOTE: Keep those kiddies on the inside as mine always feel like they are gonna fall out. Same with your personal belonging, strap those down securely.


So yes, Disney World has Fantasyland, but Disneyland has the original rides which WDW doesn’t have. Rides that bring back my childhood memories. Gotta love Snow White’s Scary Adventure or Mr’s Toads Wild Ride. The original Dumbo. The view from Dumbo is amazing, love shooting up as high as it can go and just enjoying the scenery. Disneyland also has Mickey’s ToonTown and the Nemo Submarine Ride.


Last but not least is the FOOD. Since Disneyland is in California, the food there is completely different. Different flavors, styles and very fresh. They have continued to grow their healthy vibe with lots of Vegan options. And with Downtown Disney being a walk away, you can enjoy all the tastes and offerings from up-in-coming HIT restaurants. No need to get tired of park food at Disneyland, so many choices…so little time. I especially love the Mexican themed restaurant in Disneyland, its a family favorite and we go every trip. We can’t get enough of our Rice & Beans 🙂

This is just a taste of what I love about Disneyland, but I tried to keep it different from Disney World. Do you love Disneyland? Whats your favorite parts?

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So…what is Cars Land – Disneyland?

Headed to Disneyland? Wondering what exactly is Cars Land? READ this and learn all about it.

Hey fans, Thinking about Disneyland today and wondering how much people really know about Cars Land. I mean, if you haven’t been, perhaps you don’t really understand HOW amazing it actually is. This fantastic land is a HUGE draw for Disneyland in California and its NOT to be missed.


Cars Land is located at the Disneyland Resort, in Disney’s California Adventure Park. Its an entirely themed land, based on Pixar’s Cars Movie. Remember Radiator Springs? This is your chance to see it in person, up close and live. Walk the same path as Lightning McQueen and enjoy this calm, peaceful town both day and night. That’s right, I said night…see it light up in the evenings for an even more perfect ending to your day.


There are 3 awesome rides featured in Cars Land. The main and most popular is Radiator Springs Racers. Jump into your very own vehicle, designed just like a character featured on Cars. Race with your fellow park-goers and experience the high speeds only Radiator Springs can offer. Meet your favorite characters along the way and make sure to buckle those seat belts. As this ride is fast and races on a track, those with motion issues might avoid. And there are 2 other rides as well, for sure suiting for younger car fans, but enjoyable for the WHOLE Family. See the Video for more.


That’s right, you heard me. You can meet several Cars Characters in Radiator Springs. Just head over to the Cozy Cone area and wait in line…your favorite car just might be stopping by for a little chat and photo opportunity. I have met Cruz, Tow Mater, Lightning McQueen, DJ (who is now at WDW) and RED (the fire truck). Keep your eyes open as you never know who will be driving down the street, looking to park at the Cozy Cone Motel or take a stroll down the street.


Cars Land features one main restaurant – Flo’s V8 Cafe. AS you can imagine it has a classic dinner like feel but with some amazing details, if you look closely. Take the time to walk around and see the little touches that make this place. The other eats location is the Cozy Cone, counter service. The Cozy Cone features several “Cones” each with its own themed snack item. Be sure to check it out and get some cone themed foods. For more healthy based snacks, check out Fillmore’s; Fruits, Hummus, snack packs, Juices, etc.

The Cozy Cone Motel – Cars Land, Disneyland
The Skinny:

So…if it isn’t obvious, I love this area at Disneyland. It’s a MUST for anyone visiting the parks. Of course we also love the Cars Movies, so each and every time we enter Radiator Springs, we tear up a little. Its a great place for the whole family. Its also a great place for a family picture, complete with the Radiator Springs Hills as the backdrop. The 2 other rides are just pure, silly fun and when looking for rides for littles, this is perfect. TIP: The Racers ride is extremely popular, so arrive early or score a Fastpass.

Make sure to enjoy all my other Posts/Videos on Disneyland. Its amazing how many different attractions there are from Walt Disney World. We love exploring the parks and doing all the hidden adventures that are special/unique to the California based parks.

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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