Disney+ What the Heck?

Did you get a subscription for Disney+? Or are you on the fence, still considering? Read on…Disney+ Streaming.

Hey Fans, sorry its been a few days, life got a little crazy and by little crazy, I mean I was sick. Well today Nov 12 was the BIG Day!! Big Day for what you might ask? It was the launch of the LONG awaited Disney+ Streaming Service. That’s right, Disney ALL THE TIME, on your devices!!! And I must say…we were VERY excited at my house.

The Wait:

This service has been in the works for longer than I can mention and was finally announced a few months back with the ability to purchase. Advance purchase was cheaper but you ran the risk of getting something without the complete and total knowledge of what you would see and how you could see it. But its Disney, so of course they say “jump” and you say “how high”. Being D23, I got a sweet deal, but it was a 3 YEAR (pay now) deal. Again its Disney so I just jumped on board. So for months we waited and waited, slowly getting more highly guarded info; new programs, specially created content and potential movies from the past.

Nov 12 – The Launch:

So the day finally came, kids were home from school (snow day) so having this to explore and enjoy all day was a huge bonus. We turn the TV on and…no Disney+ app. Idiot me thought since we have a Smart TV (Samsung) that I just needed to turn on the TV and BOOM instant magic, as I do with Netflix or Amazon. Nope. Apparently our TV is NOT compatible. Of course this was the worst time to realize this. Snow knee deep and 2 kids so excited they can’t function. MOM FAIL. Why didn’t I research this? Why didn’t I expect this? Either way, we needed Disney+ and we needed it NOW.

The Solution:

So with 2 sad kids I did some quick research, called a few people and took my sad (snow day) kids to the store to purchase our Life Saver, the Roku Express ($24.99). So for those in the same situation, here you go. Apparently Fire Stick and Chromecast were also options, but I went with the cheapest, hehe. Just plug in, sign up (no more fees) and BOOM Disney+. Sadly Disney+ was so dang popular (duh) that there were some streaming issues, but we just waited again. Being a Travel Agent, the streaming issues weren’t a shock, have you ever seen a Disney Deal Day (aka Free Dining), lol. After-all, at least mom got the app to appear.

Roku for the WIN!!!
The Shows:

Then, just when I started to suggest they watch Netflix, it worked. It was glorious. The kids were jumping, screaming and all I could think was, shhhh don’t scare it, lol. So much magic, so many options, what to watch first. Being the Disney Parks freaks that we are, we went with the Imagineer Series, OMG so good. And so informative. Of course they did such a good job that they made my youngest cry when mentioning the death of Walt. As my son said, I never like hearing that he died 🙁 Next it was a new series with Forky, then some Pixar shorts, then…the Mandalorian. Eek…a Star Wars Series with human actors (as in NOT animated). All I can say is WOW and OMG the ending. We were screaming, yelling at the TV and can’t wait for Episode 2. Then the kids watched “Steam Boat Willie” and a few other vintage shorts. We have a whole list for next time.

The Skinny:

If you love Disney, this is a given. But with the addition of Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic…please how can you not purchase. Sure, there are some shows and movies that didn’t make the cut, but the current line-up FAR out-weighs that, IMO. And there was and probably will be streaming issues…but when it worked, it was glorious. So will you take the leap? Or did you?

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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Favorite Vegan Disney World Snacks

Thinking about visiting Disney, but worried about the snacks? Vegan or have Food Allergies? Read this…

Hey fans, as I sit here and book magical trips for my clients (aka you) I drool fondly over my favorite Disney snacks. Snacks I wish I could get at home and snacks I wish you all could send back home to me. Being Vegan with Food Allergies I am limited…but not as limited as you would think. My Favorite Disney World Vegan Snacks:

#1: Mickey Pretzel:

Ok – so my hands down favorite is the plain and simple pretzel. 100% vegan and dairy-free, just add mustard (or at least I do). The fact that its shaped like Mickey just makes it so much tastier. We love eating his ears, then his eyes, etc. Its like a game and treat all in one. I like mine lightly salted, so I might wipe off a few salt rocks…but this is a snack I won’t leave a park without. AND its rumored that the sugar ones are vegan too 🙂

#2: Popcorn:

Yep and I am talking about the buttered (non-dairy) popcorn that they sell all over the parks. The fresh, made daily as you are walking by, popcorn. Get it in a fancy cute character bucket or in a toss away cardboard cup…its yum!! It’s great to share or enjoy solo…either way, nothing beats this popular snack. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy. You can also find, pre-packaged, flavored popcorn as well – check the candy, snack stores.

#3: Dole Whip:

So this one isn’t usually a HUGE shock, but ALL fruit flavors are Dairy-Free. Avoid the Vanilla. You can get pineapple, lemon, lime, strawberry, mango, etc…so many flavors…it just depends on the location and what the popular treat is at the moment. Lately they have been making them character themed with decorations. If these decorations are Chocolate based, just pass on the decor and get the Frozen yumminess as is. I have been truly impressed by the lemon and the lime. And I LOVE the mix, when they mix 2 flavors – YUM!!

Dole Whip!!
#4: Candied Almonds:

Sorry no-nut families, but I LOVE this snack. And they are vegan!! Always double check the ingredients…but I love these SO much I am known to get them every-time I see the stand, using several snack credits and keeping them in our bags. They usually last a few days, with us taking a few handfuls as desired. The nut carts aren’t everywhere, so you have to score when you can. We have seen Almonds, Cashews and Pecans…but the almonds have my heart.

#5: Erin McKenna Bakery:

So this place is located in Disney Springs and the ENTIRE place is Vegan and Gluten Free. Many of the items are to-die-for…but its the donuts that get me drooling. Another item I will purchase SEVERAL of and enjoy for several days during our vacation. I will even place an order for delivery. But the HUGE perk of this place is getting to pick your own cupcake or cookie, from the case. No waiting for a special one from the back, you can order just like everyone else – and thats the TRUE treat.

Erin McKenna DONUT!!
#6: Fruit/Veggies:

Just adding this as a side note – obviously these items are vegan, but noting as you can find fruit cups and veggie sticks in the parks. Toss the Ranch and you are good to go! Sometimes you can spot hummus or Sabra Pretzels/Hummus snack packs.

I would love to hear your list. I know there are other Vegan treats in the parks, but my faves are the ones I can get almost anywhere. Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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Spa Time on a Disney Cruise: Rainforest Room

Looking to Book a Disney Cruise?  Needing some RELATION time?  Wondering how fast can you visit the SPA – Read this!

Hey Guys, today I am talking about the Rainforest Room – Wait, what??  What the heck is that?  Well its a part of the SPA area on a Disney Cruise Ship.  The SPA on the ships can do all sorts of things; nails, hair-dos, wedding make-overs, teeth whitening, COOL sculpting, massages, acupuncture, etc.  I even saw a Barber Shop with the complete Men’s Shaving treatment (going old-school).  But one of the areas is the Rainforest Room – A little quaint, tranquil, slice of heaven.  Again, its something I had seen and toured but never actually experienced – as I am usually too busy hanging out with the kids or joining a Trivia Game on the ship.

But for this ADULTS ONLY vacation I went on, Peace and Tranquil was the name of the game.  I purchased a SINGLE DAY pass online, ahead of time.  It was $18 for 1 FULL day of enjoying the Room.  I do believe it was a few $ more to get while on the ship, so paying for it in advance was the way to go AND if you are thinking – 1 day?  I want to go for my entire trip, then you can book that (but I think ONLY on the ship can you do that AND they usually have a deal going).

What can you do for 1 FULL day?  Well you can pop in and out of the various Saunas – both cool (cold actually) and various degrees of warm to hot.  You can sip Lemon infused water 🙂  You can enjoy the Ladies or Mens Locker room for a larger shower space (if using your stateroom shower isn’t cutting it).  How about a dip or soak in the hot tubs OR you can lay and lounge in one of the warming tile chairs and relax, read, dream, think or even sleep.


I rather enjoyed my time in the Rainforest Room!  I was disappointed that, at least on the Dream, the hot tubs were small (only 2-3 people) and they were often being used.  Not that I want to hot tub with lots of strangers, I guess I wanted more options…but we are talking a cruise ship and they only have so much space.  Now the VIEWS from the Hot Tub were breathtaking and I wish I had more time for the Rainforest Room, I wish we had a SEA DAY (we didn’t on this cruise) or perhaps were able to skip a dinner and just sit in the Hot Tub while enjoying the beautiful sea.  Next time, next time.  The longer cruises are for sure better for this, more time to relax, enjoy and just be.  The Tile Lounge Chairs, however, that’s where its at!!  Warm, toasty, relaxing – how can I get one for home??  Anyone??  My back needs that in our life 😉


Warm Tile Lounges – Breathe and Relax!


Hot Tub with a View, imagine it at Sea.


In conclusion (to sound like my son who is learning how to write stories/paragraphs properly) I would book the Rainforest Room again, but only if I 100% knew I could enjoy it for longer than 1+ hours (like on a SEA DAY).  Between eating Breakfast, going to port, then eating Lunch, changing to finally relax in the Spa, then showering and getting ready for the show, then dinner, then night-time entertainment – It was hard to fully enjoy it as I think its meant to be.  Would be perfect for older couples, people with older kids who can entertain themselves and I did see several young adults enjoying the space.  OR if you have kids that will leave you alone for a good part of the day – SCORE and please take my kids too 😉

**Do I sound like I am complaining, lol.  Only 1-2 hours in the Rainforest Room, poor me.  When I travel, I am also working…so its hard to stay in 1 space when I need to try to experience it all – so as I could have just ignored all my other duties and enjoyed the tranquil whisper of heaven…I had to get my booty of the Tile Chair, shower and go see the preview to Toy Story 4, then be ready for dinner.  Next time, I will forget my watch and Oops…sorry lost track of time, lol.

Hope this helped you decide if a little quiet time is worth getting – Mahalo for reading – Nina