Epcot at Disney World – the Skinny.

Planning a Disney World Vacation and wondering if Epcot is a MUST or not?

Dear Nina, since we have some extra free time, we are researching our trip, many people are telling us to skip Epcot at Disney World. What do you think? Should we just double up on a different park? What rides are at Epcot? Thanks as always – Jen

Hey, that’s a GREAT way to spend your extra time 🙂 Well I might be the wrong person to ask, as we love Epcot…but I will admit it wasn’t love at first sight. I think many people don’t see Epcot at Disney World for what it is. Its not your typical Theme Park, its not a thrill seekers park. Its more chill and has more non-ride attractions than the other parks have. Epcot is often thought about as a half day park or not for kids…all that means is some people are comparing it to parks like Magic Kingdom and not taking the time to explore its hidden treasures.


So basically Epcot is made of two sections, the World Showcase (various countries) and Future Showcase (rides, interactive attractions). And for those who are just looking for rides, they might not see all the other interactive and educational parts of Epcot and don’t forget the food. Keep reading for more detailed info. As always, keep following my page for more tips & tricks and make sure to watch the video at the end of these posts, I just might feature the ride or attraction in question. Why not Watch AND Read about these special experiences.

HIT Rides:

Epcot has some very well known and popular rides. Soarin’ Around the World is a FAN favorite, Test Track is the more speed racer attraction and then there is Frozen Ever After (perfect for those little princesses). All 3 rides are in the TOP tier for fastpasses, so you can ONLY pick 1 to fastpass, which leaves you waiting in line for the other 2 but ALL are a MUST. Spaceship Earth is a cult fan favorite and if you like simulation rides, Mission Space is also a popular one.

Perfect for the WHOLE Family:

Much of Epcot is great for the WHOLE family. So many rides and interactive attractions to enjoy, not to mention exploring the World Showcase and learning about different cultures (Kidcot Fun Spot). There is The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Turtle Talk with Crush, Living with the Land, Journey into Imagination with Figment and my personal fave – Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros (Donald Duck). Much of Epcot has interactive zones for guests to experience, usually pre or post rides, so don’t miss out on those. AND…Epcot is a great place to interact with and meet Characters, especially Princesses and more obscure characters like Baymax or Wreck it Ralph.


Like I mentioned above you can explore and learn about different countries, various cultures in Epcot. As I often describe it like an outdoor museum, its more than that. Its the sights, sounds, food, and even shopping from a distant land. Get close to authentic food per these countries, shop popular culture items and chat with a Cast Member from that region of the earth. And the food, SO MUCH FOOD!! Epcot is known for it cuisine and beverages. Many people flock to Epcot several times of year just for its eats and food festivals. When you are getting sick of Theme Park food, hit up Epcot.


Holidays are BIG at Epcot. We love it at Christmas time, all the countries are decorated per their culture or historical Christmas story. Most countries even share holiday music or have “storytelling hour” where they share stories of Christmases past per their country. Easter is fun too with the Eggstravaganza hunt. Festivals, so many festivals at Epcot that its hard to go without something special happening. All revolving around food booths and drinks with either Art, Flowers, Wine or Holidays as its theme.

So as you can see, Epcot is a bit different and it might be an acquired taste, but once you explore it properly…you will fall in love too. Epcot is like the non Theme Park of Disney but as long as you like to walk, eat, explore and learn…give Epcot a chance. NOTE: Disney is working on adding MORE rides and attractions, so soon Epcot just might be everyone’s FAVORITE park.

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Dairy-Free (Vegan) FROZEN Treats at Disney World

Headed to Disney World? Perhaps you are Vegan or Dairy-free – READ this list for YUMMY Frozen treats.

Hey fans, its seems my Vegan/Dairy-Free Blog posts are a hit, so here is another one for you. Again this list might not be the FULL list, as Disney is always adding more items. Also…make sure to ALWAYS check the lables as products and ingrediants can change. But enjoy my list of Dairy-Free FROZEN treats in Disney World.

Dole Whip:

So this is a no-brainier. If you read my last list you would know that Dole Whips are on the list. ALL the fruit flavors, NOT the Vanilla. But did you also know that the fun, festive Dole Whip Drinks are too? The Strawberry Float themed after REDD (just remove the chocolate hat) or the Lime Peter Pan Float (also remove the Chocolate Feather). But there is also a Rum infused option at Animal Kingdom too – YUM!!

Ice Cream:

You heard me, Vegan/Dairy-Free Ice Cream can be found at several locations within Disney World. FIRST, ask at your table service location, they might have a dairy-free ice cream option for you. Also many of the Ice Cream/Sweet shops…they usually have a dairy-free option in the back. So ASK! For sure at the Plaza Inn on Main Street and Beaches & Cream at Beach Club Resort. BUT I have also gotten a Vegan Milk Shake at 50’s Prime Time Cafe AND Sci-Fi Drive-In at Hollywood Studios.

Custom made Caramel Ice Cream at Crystal Palace – so YUM!!
Other Frozen Treats:

Another option are pre-package Frozen treats found at many Kiosk locations and quick service store/restaurants. I am talking about Frozen Lemonade cups by Minute Made or sometimes you will see a Strawberry Popsicle like treat. If the kiosk is selling Frozen goodies, take a peak. The Pink Lemonade is a fave.

LeFou’s Brew:

This gem is a Hidden Dairy-Free treat that is accidentally Vegan. Its a Frozen/super cold Apple Juice concoction with hit of Mango and a Marshmallow like topping. Its like the Butterbeer for Disney 😉 You can find it at Gastons Tavern, its the signature treat.

Green/Blue Milk:

This treat is COMING Soon, like VERY, very soon. The Green or Blue Milk featured at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is vegan. It’s made with a Dairy-free milk base, flavored with exotic fruit flavors. I am adding this to the list as its not quite milk, but not really a Milkshake…but its for-sure a Frozen(ish) treat. Some prefer the Blue, some the Green and some are getting creative and mixing the 2. Either way, enjoy a cool treat while in Batuu and get your Star Wars on.

Like I said, I am sure there are many more Diary-free FROZEN items to enjoy in the parks, these are just a few. Always check the labels and ask…but I have never been Vegan starving in the parks nor have I missed out on a Frozen Treat!!

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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Things TO DO Before Vacation: Packing for Disney

Headed out on vacation and afraid you will forget something? READ this list: Packing for Disney World & Beyond.

Hey guys, I am headed on vacation here in a few weeks. And one thing I always worry about is forgetting something. And I don’t mean, just packing items. I know many of you also have “nightmare” like dreams before a trip. READ this list of things not to forget to do BEFORE vacation: Packing for Disney World.

Hair and Nails:

I find this to be a COMMON item that people want to do before a trip, but often forget as time draws closer. So ladies don’t forget to spruce up your color, get those “Disney” nails and make sure those feet are cute shoes ready. Guys – don’t forget to trim your hairs too. And don’t forget the kids, they need beauty maintenance too. Now for those that might be wondering, why?? Why do I need to get my hair done – PICTURES. Most people on vacation take TONS of pictures and often are seeking out that amazing family pic.

My Disney Toes. Sorry if toes gross you out – eek.
Toiletry Shopping:

I can NOT tell you how many times I ask my husband if he needs anything at the store…just to have him write items on the list AFTER I went shopping. As annoying as this is on a week basis…its very, very frustrating ONE day before your trip. So make sure EVERYONE looks in their toiletry bags, bathroom cabinets, etc and shop for all your beauty items BEFORE you go. These “oops” I forgot to pack items can be costly. This majorly includes Sunscreen, Aloe and Deodorant. So make a list, check all your bags and shop ahead.


So I don’t just mean packing clothes…I mean making sure you have the right clothes for the right vacation. AND I also mean, clothes that fit. I have this issue every trip. Based on temps, location, style of trip and if I added a pound or two, certain items might need to be replaced. And KIDS, make them try on their summer shorts (especially if winter) and see if you need to purchase the next size up. Bathing suites and shoes too. Do this in advance, 2 days before your trip just adds more stress than needed.

Park Bags:

I find it VERY helpful to pack my “park” bag BEFORE the trip. I do this for a few reasons. 1 – make sure you OWN everything you need. 2 – helps you see if you are bringing too much and perhaps need 2 backpacks. 3 – it prevents you from forgetting something at the last minute. Rushing to the parks in the morning it tough enough, but finding you forgot an item is worse. Practice and pack ahead.


I get many emails about people forgetting certain things…so to prevent vacation “nightmares” and I mean during sleep time. Label your suitcases NOW. Add your luggage tags NOW. Pack your swimsuits, sunscreen and such items NOW. Put your Magicbands in your bags NOW. Make lists and cross of items as you pack.

Hope this helps prevent any packing drama incidences. I have become a PRO at packing, travel in general and traveling with kids.

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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