Disney Cruise Line – Stateroom TOUR

Thinking about a Disney Cruise?  Wondering what a stateroom looks like?  READ for a Disney Cruise Line room breakdown tour.

Hi guys, back again talking about my most recent CRUISE experience.  WE were on the Disney Dream, which is one of the larger ships (which to me has its perks and disadvantages).  We actually had connecting staterooms, so 2 rooms!  One slept 4 and one slept 3 (mine slept 3).  We were Deck 9 in a Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah (aka Balcony).  NOTE:  The Verandah is a MUST HAVE (in my opinion) and 100% safe for kids (in my Youtube Video (WATCH), I show why).

So…who wants to see what a Stateroom is like??  See the pictures BELOW and READ the Captions!


Your VIEW as you walk in!  Queen bed and sofa (bed).  You can see my Verandah (which I love for light, fresh air, quiet time and PURE relaxation).

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ABOVE is the SHOWER Area Bath – as we had SPLIT BATHS.  One was the Shower WITH Tub and the other (SEE BELOW) is the Toilet.  Both had space for toiletries and had sinks for washing hands, teeth brushing, etc.

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And Finally – Remember that Sofa (bed) from the FIRST picture.  SEE Below for its nightly transformation.  My kids LOVE sleeping on this.  And if you have the 4th sleeper, the top opens up and a BUNK BED comes out with a latter (another FUN sleeping area).  Your Room Steward will make and unmake these areas so you aren’t bumping your head on the bunks all day.  Its like MAGIC…you leave with bunk beds and return with a Sofa to hang out on, read, chat, watch TV, etc.


And NOW its ready for sleeping – Night-Night.  Remember to pull that curtain across for some privacy sleeping 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my virtual Stateroom tour…I will also upload a VIDEO I took of the same room (on my Youtube Channel).  I would love to book you a MAGICAL cruise, so contact me and lets get you SAILING ON THE HIGH SEAS with Disney 🙂

Mahalo – Nina