Disney Cruise Line – Adult Drinking Experience

When on Vacation, many think of 2 things: Relaxing and Enjoying an Adult Beverage

Hey Guys, back talking about Disney Cruise Line again today…answering a common question or Goal (if you will) – Drinking on a Disney Cruise.

After I book a cruise for a client and towards the “planning” phase, beyond the date and stateroom selection…people start asking about Excursions, Adult-Only Meals (see post on Palo) and Classes (yep classes)…more specifically Mixology Classes.Β  Mixology Classes are so popular, some groups even arrange their own.

What is a Mixology Class you ask??Β  Well it is what it sounds like, you are taking a class where you LEARN how to MIX.Β  Mix what?Β  Well Mix ADULT beverages, AKA Alcohol, you silly πŸ˜‰


Ariel’s READY!!

You can sign up ahead of time (Online) or if availability…on the ship.Β  Of course if you wait until on the ship, like I did, you need to do it ASAP.Β  Its $25 per person (or that’s what I paid).Β  You select a time/date for your class and meet at one of the local watering-holes on the ship.Β  Our class was in a tiny, quaint little bar called the Skyliner.Β  Our “teacher” was a bartender on the ship.Β  I forget how long but he has been teaching this class, on the Dream, for several years and really knew his stuff.

The concept is simple…you learn how to mix your own drinks.Β  Drinks you can then make at home; host parties, take to the pool, share with friends.Β  But when on the ship, you are making drinks you can then DRINK.Β  That’s right, this class is known for getting people a little tipsy…especially if you are a light weight and/or chug these cocktails.Β  Same with the Wine Tasting Classes or Hard Liqueur Tastings.Β  So for $25 you get 5 (decent sized) drinks PLUS learn whats in them and the process.Β  For our class we made 2 ourselves, then the last 3 were per volunteers.Β  And per our “teacher”, it gets more difficult to have everyone make own after 2 cocktails, lol.


I was Mulling – Mint, Lime, Raspberry Puree

SEE the Pictures and Captions for Drink Names:

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NOTE – I was upfront with my allergies and a few drinks were adjusted per my needs.Β  They were very accommodating and thoughtful…as everyone else got the volunteer made drinks, I got 2 very special drinks made by the teacher himself πŸ™‚

Also NOTE – If you want a FULL recipe or ingredients list…you better be prepared to video this or type in your phone…as recipe cards are NOT passed out (which would have made this SO much better).

I give this class a thumbs up, especially if cruising solo (Adult Only) or with older kids (teens+).Β  I can’t imagine people drinking this much in the afternoon and still managing to parents small children, lol.Β  At least I couldn’t.Β  I would need a nap, lots of water and some serious junk food.

Mahalo for reading and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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Palo: An Adult ONLY Experience

Hey guys, Nina again…talking about Disney Cruise Line.Β  For those that don’t know, ALL regular dining aboard the ships are INCLUDED.Β  However, if you want an ADULT ONLY experience in a more intimate setting – Palo and Remy might be calling your name.Β  I thought I would give Palo a try since I get asked about it ALL THE TIME from you guys.

DISCLAIMER:Β  I have FOOD ALLERGIES and I am VEGAN, so my experience is not the same as someone who can order directly off the menu.Β  For this reason, I have been avoiding paying for a meal I felt I could get at the regular dinner locations.



Off the bat its $40 PLUS tip PER PERSON, however you can add alcohol to your meal and pay additional for that.Β  They even had meal/wine pairings for those who wanted a FULL oral palate experience.


I found it to be peaceful, Italian decor (so a little dark) and fancy (perhaps too fancy for this theme park gal).Β  The views out the windows were breathtaking, especially as the sun went down and the moonlight sparkled on the ocean.


People were dressed up, but its not as fancy as Remy.Β  I was wearing a nice wrap skirt with a simple top and a light sweater (its always chilly in the dining rooms) – but I am always the one to dress down, I didn’t even have heals πŸ˜‰


I found the food to be delightful, but nothing crazy amazing.Β  Again, this might not have been the best place for me.Β  However my group seemed to all enjoy their food, not a crumb left πŸ˜‰Β  They were able to order whatever they wanted off the menu, even several items to taste a bit of each.Β  I would say they got their $40 worth for sure.Β  Even their desserts looked amazing.Β  The food was multi-course and they were even given a tart/lemon/lime Italian frozen taste cleanser to enjoy as a way to prepare their mouths for the main course.Β  Our Waiter and other staff were very friendly and at times, a little difficult to understand…but that just helped with the Magic of it all.Β  They even had a little celebration for us, for one of the ladies at the table.Β  Disney thinks of everything!

MY FOOD – Vegan/Food Allergy Experience:

A chef came out and talked with me about each of my dishes, down to my dessert for which I specifically asked for a cake, NOT just fruit or a sorbet.Β  I might have been given the typical Vegan Course with slight alterations per my other crazy allergies.Β  NOTE:Β  I have like 20+ different food allergies and 100% carry an Epi Pen.Β  And I am not a fan of Tofu…so veggies and pasta are my usual go-to.

SEE BELOW and READ the Captions for description of my Meal:

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So…would I do it again?Β  Probably NO, not unless going for work again.Β  The food was yummy, but fancy really isn’t my cup of tea and to spend $40 per person, when I could spend that somewhere else on the ship…I most likely would pass.Β  But for those couples that want a semi-romantic dinner SANS the kids – why not?Β  Especially when you can enjoy the FULL menu and order whatever you want.Β  AND when you think of it – a character meal, for an adult, at Disney can be $40-45 per person easy…so in a way, I spend this kind of $$ on meals often, not sure why I was being so skeptical of Palo…I think it boils down to – I am just a comfy pants/tee shirt wear’in gal who would prefer to “slum” it with the other cruise folks over getting dressed up and feeling out of place.Β  Anyone else feel this way sometimes??Β  So I guess take my review with a grain of salt, but if you have Food Allergies or are Vegan – they 100% can accommodate you and I felt very safe.

Hope this review helped someone – Mahalo Nina