How to HIDE your secret Vacation from the Kids.

Anyone else plan trips that are a secret from the kids? Learn how to hide your secret vacation from the kids.

Hey guys, I am 1 FULL day away from our summer vacation and keeping this a secret is HARD. Luckily for me, due to my job and life, my kids know where we are going, but not when. They have no idea that in 2 more sleeps…we leave. That leaves tomorrow as my final day to pack and sync everything up…ALL IN SECRET. See my tips on how to hide your secret vacation from the kids.

Call your Travel Agent AT NIGHT:

So as much as I prefer to be watching TV or finally resting my legs for the day, most families contact me at night AND for good reason. The trip is a secret and how do you chat when little ears are listening? I have had parents call me from the car, from a fake grocery trip, from the backyard, from the neighbors and of course from work (usually during lunch hour). But the most common is parents whispering to me over the phone while the littles sleep. So tip #1, keep little ears away from the conversation. PS – I have NO problem working in the evening to accommodate your secret trip.

Hide your Mail:

So luckily for “snail mail” Disney doesn’t send you much in the mail after you have booked, but every once in a while they do. Like a “Can’t wait to see you soon” booklet. And of course Magicbands WAY later and I usually send a little care package. BUT, I have had many people give me grandma’s address. But they often forget to change that address on their Disney account, so they still get the mailings. So best bet…is too get the mail yourself and if its from Disney, say its an advertisement or a gift for someone else. And do this for your email too people. Ever hand your kids your phone? I know my emails pop up when they come in. Eek…kids who can read might see something they shouldn’t. This is true for app countdowns.

Shopping in Secret:

Mom why are you shopping for bathing suits in winter? Mom why are you looking for our summer clothes? Or mom why are you getting sunscreen. These are ALL questions those little stinkers will ask. I have learned to shop WAY ahead of time and when I am sans kids. Or I just purchase 1-2 items at a time, so they don’t suspect. I also buy extra shorts/bathing suits when they are on clearance in the next size up before its winter and I find out they grew. Planning ahead is the key…as once they get a thought its happening…its hard to keep a tight lip. Kids are smart.


I pack in advance. Pack in a room that isn’t a common location for the kids, like a closest or the basement. I also pack as I do laundry so slowly they are missing more undies or a few shirts, etc. Mine would notice if ALL their Disney tees were gone. AS I am folding, I am packing and tucking away clothes. Then I put the packing cubes in my laundry basket and walk them down to the basement and then put in suitcases. Once those suitcases are out, they are noisy little creatures…you might just give in to all the questions. I am also known to pack at night or early in the morning while they are sleeping. Of course if you can, pack while they are in school. Sadly for me its summer and I am running out of reasons for why the suitcases have moved.


I hate this suggestion, but I do it. Kids can sense things. Mine will notice me running around more crazy than usual. They will notice me hiding in the basement or my room with the door closed. They will noticed me talking in a soft tone, in my room with the door closed (yes, talking to Disney). So I lie. I pretend that next week we are doing XY and Z. In fact my kids think we have a doctors appointment on Monday which is why we have to return the library books/DVDs early. Sadly they also think we are still doing sports next week and will be participating in a party 🙁 I just need to lie for 1 more day, but its getting hard. I wasn’t planning on lieing, they just ask TOO many questions.

Other tips:

Speak in code. We did this alot when the kids were little. Change your vacation destination to something else, like tennis or bowling or going to the “mall”. This way you can talk more openly but using code words. Honey, when we go to that new mall, lets make sure to remember to get passes to the cool activities. Hehehe. You can also take turns distracting. Hubby takes them somewhere while you pack, then switch. But mine totally start asking question when all of a sudden my hair is done, my nails are painted and they both got haircuts…all in the same week. So my “lie” is we are getting ready for school early to beat the rush, lol. But yes, try to space out the beautification.

How do you hide your secret? Any tips to share?

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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Entertaining KIDS in a LONG Ride Line?

Headed to the parks, but worried about the LONG lines? Wondering about the kids? READ my TIPS on entertaining Kids in line at Disney.

Hey guys, so this is the question on EVERY parents mind…what to do with my kids, especially in line. Well I have a few tips on the subject. Long lines are ZERO fun, but they could be. They could also be a place to make some awesome family memories, they are for me. I remember lots of line waiting growing up. So plan ahead and try to enjoy it too.


Ok – I say this in every post, ever. SNACKS!! Snacks are the answer for everything and should be in every bag, backpack and purse on the planet. Am I being dramatic, am I – perhaps not? We don’t leave the house without snacks, Disney is NO different. I know, there is FOOD everywhere…but not in line there isn’t. I ALWAYS have a variety of snacks in my bag, most being healthy. But I find hunger is one of the biggest contributors to being cranky, tired and whinny. Long line = hunger. Pack those snacks and pass them out.

Cell Phone:

Yep, I said it. Having your Media device can be a HUGE line saver. Think Apps, videos, Movies, Games, Music, etc. Make sure to download everything at home and have an easy section on your phone to find them. PACK backup battery packs and your cords. AND you might want a phone PER kid. Check out trivia and mind game apps for the older kids. WE love games that the entire family can play and even other line goers. I love seeing other families yelling out answers trying to guess the answer from a single clue. Its like family game night meets Disney ride line.


OK – I cheated – same reason as above. But don’t forget about the tablet option, especially for really little kids that you don’t want to pass your phone too. Also plan ahead and download what they like. Sneak in a few educational games too, nothing wrong with learning while at Disney 😉

PLAY Disney App:

This is semi-new and completely awesome. Its an app that interacts with the parks. You can earn points, answer trivia, listen to music, learn about the parks and its a map. Nothing cooler than playing Disney while being at Disney, its just spreading the magic. Make sure to download at home and research it a little bit…as you need other apps to use some of the features.

PLAY Disney App
Other thoughts:

Some other ideas are music or books on tape (think iPOD). Make your own trivia questions or print some off the net. OR a Disney Trivia Book? We have a Hidden Mickeys book. Give your kids a camera? My son loves his camera and can take hours of pictures and videos, then look at them and take more. Its a HUGE long line win for us. Books? I have actually seen people reading in line. OK, that might be for older kids, but still. Video game systems. Remember your Game Boy? And fidgets. I know, so last year…but things that kids can play with in their hands are entertaining. Even toys that spin or flash can be a win.

What items work for your kids? I would love to know. Leave me a comment.

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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What to pack for the Airplane?

Headed on a trip? Haven’t flown in a while or with kids before? READ on for my Airplane Tips.

Hey Peeps, as I pack and prepare for my upcoming trip I was thinking about our flight. And I actually get this question often, especially from people who haven’t flown in a while or its a first with kids. What does one need for the airplane. READ my list of things I pack for our Airplane Flight. And I know each flight is different and each airline is different and flying with kids is WAY different than going solo…so you might have different items on your list.


So why water? You can get water on the plane, you can even get it with ice. Well we pack water or I should say water bottles for 2 reasons. 1 – how clean or filtered really is that water? Or the ice? I know on Delta, they now pour from actual brand-name water bottles…but what if they don’t all the time. 2 – I pack water bottles as when and if they do give you water, there is NO lid, NO straw. Kids are messy, kids spill and mix that with potential turbulence and you will have wished you packed a water bottle. TIP: Pack it empty and fill up after security, but before you board.


This might be a no-brainer but many people forget as they are usually rushing off to the airport and forget to grab lunch or breakfast, etc. I pack our snacks the day before, in our airplane bags. Then that morning, depending on how long the flight is…I will pack a “lunch” like meal. Breakfast is easy to toss in a bag; muffins, dry cereal, bars, etc. They do sell “meals” on the plane but…I can’t guarantee they are super fresh or yummy. But I can guarantee they are $$$. You can also get to the airport a little early and grab a to-go item it the airport, but again $$$.


#1 item to pack – Headphones. We each have our OWN set and always keep them in our airplane bags. Most planes have individual TVs now, so you will be instantly ready for entertainment. I love Delta for this. Other airlines, you might want to pack a tablet for the kiddies, pre-loaded with movies. Don’t forget books, magazines, etc. TIP: Avoid anything for the kids that might fall on the floor. I have learned to skip crayons and dice and small items and stick with sticker books, game systems or even magnet sets.


I can’t stress this one enough – pack wipes and USE THEM. Clean the table, the seat, the window, the seatbelts, the air controls, the TV and even the seat pocket. Use anti-bacterial lotion for your hands and avoid touching too many things. As soon as you get off, WASH your hands. Am I crazy or smart? Both perhaps, but flight attendants don’t have time to sanitize each and every seat. Imagine ALL the germs that crossed your row; coughing, sneezing, vomiting, spit-up from kids, bathroom hands, etc. People always wonder why they get sick on or after vacation? Ding, ding, ding – Airplane germs.

and MORE:

Some other items to make your stay on the plane more comfortable, how about a neck pillow. I love mine; some inflate, some are cloth, etc just make sure to get it BEFORE the airport. Using one is so much better than a hurt neck if you fall asleep in the wrong position. Blanket, large scarf, hoodie sweater or ladies poncho like cover-up. These are great for covering your face, your arms, etc. Planes can get chilly and for longer flights, it helps being able to block out the lights and people. Gum, candies, ginger chews, motion meds are also KEY items to pack. I can’t live without my gum on a plane and my daughter NEEDS meds and ginger to relax the motion issues. We also ALWAYS pack a bucket (in case).

Pack GUM, helps with Ear Popping!

I have a few other things I always pack, but above are the basics. What do you ALWAYS pack? What can’t you fly without? I’d love to know.

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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