Dear Fuel Rod, What the Heck?

Do you own a Fuel Rod? Have you wondered what they are? Read ON and learn why I am a little upset by a recent policy change, especially at Disney.

Hey Fans, yesterday some news came out about Fuel Rod. Fuel Rod is a brand if you will, a company that supplies Back-up Batteries at certain locations, locations like Disney (World & Land). They are all-over the Parks and Resorts AND other venues throughout the US…even airports. Read on for a NEW annoying Fuel Rod Policy Change at Disney.

Fuel Rod Back-up Battery
Original Idea:

They had an amazing thought, concept. You would purchase their Fuel Rod through a fun like vending machine, the price was rather steep BUT for that price you were able to return to that same machine (or ANY Fuel Rod station) and exchange your old, DEAD backup for a new RECHARGED one – for FREE. You could do this anytime, anyplace, for as long as you physically have the back-up battery. This was the gem of the whole system.

No more dead Cell Phones, no more trying to find an outlet, no more worrying that little Johnny was gonna waste your battery by playing games in line. It was a WIN for everyone. Heck I would be on a trip with friends or co-workers and they would borrow my Fuel Rod after I just charged up, they just needed to bring me back a FRESH one when done. It was great. UNTIL NOW…


So as of Nov 1 – Fuel Rod will NOW be charging $3 to recharge, to turn in your old back-up for a fresh one. This angers me to NO end. The only reason I spent $25 for a (if I was lucky) 1000-2600 mAh back-up was for the convenience of not worrying about the charging. Not worrying about if I exhausted my battery or not. Allowing me to film, take pictures, Facebook and Instagram while on Vacation. Fuel Rod what the heck?

I feel very mislead and kinda want to throw a stink and fight to get my original $25 back. The whole point was FREE exchanges. I never, ever would have purchased if I also had to pay for an exchange fee. This is beyond dumb and I hope Fuel Rod realizes this mistake and returns to the way it was. I mean, come on…why would someone purchase with this NEW business model at hand. Just go to the store and purchase 1, 2 or even 3 back-up battery packs for that same $25 or less. Charge them up the night before and pack them in your pack bag – Done!! Solved!! No need to use Fuel Rod.

Moral of the story, be smart people…plan ahead. Get a nice back-up battery pack. Charge it and enjoy!!!

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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Magicbands…they aren’t for everyone.

Magicbands are an amazing part of a Disney World Vacation, but for some, they aren’t all that magical. Magicband Alternative

Hey Fans, so this post was prompted by a purchase I made for my son, from Etsy. As much as we all love our Magicbands, he just won’t leave his alone and thus we have lost a few along the way. Losing a Magicband is something that can be fixed, but…lets just say…its better to NOT lose it, lol. So for our last trip I rigged a set-up so he could wear it on a lanyard verses his wrist and boy was that a game changer. Magicbands, not just for your wrists and not for everyone; magicband alternative solution.

What is a Magicband:

Magicbands are colorful, silicone like bracelets that ALL Disney Resort guests get as part of their Disney Package. They are AMAZING. Magicbands link to your account and are basically your park tickets, room key, fastpasses, meal plan, etc. They are something you wear 24/7 during your trip. Taking them off and on can often cause problems (falling off), not to mention if you forget it at your resort and went to the parks that day without it, oops.


After people started complaining that often the bands might fall off (especially when putting on a backpack) or some people, for whatever reason, can’t wear a band SO Disney came out with an alternative. They designed a way to remove the center “puck” oval and place it in a different “holder” that can be attached to a lanyard, backpack, belt, etc. This was a great option, except the designs were basic. Just a plain Mickey or Minnie shape. Not to mention they were an additional cost. As much as I wanted one to try, I knew my son would want something more “him”, with more character.

My Solution:

So I decided to take my son’s magicband and seal it with a hair tie band that would keep it a solid circle shape, basically can’t fall off. Then I attached it to his lanyards, so his band was easily accessible to “clicking” at the parks. This worked out great, but it was a little boring. Just a band attached to a lanyard. But once I discovered that this concept worked great, I digged a little deeper. I found this amazing Etsy shop that custom makes “puck” holders for Magicbands.

IS this the Droid you are looking for? @BDIinfo
The NON-Bracelet Solution: @BDIinfo Products

For kids with sensory issues, Autism perhaps, younger kids who won’t/can’t keep a magicband on their wrists or for people who just hate wearing them…this is the perfect, character solution for you!! I found this shop that custom makes holders based on popular Disney Characters. Or Popular Disney Food. Or popular Disney anything. This shop is amazing!! I had a super hard time deciding which one of the cute holders to get, but with my son being a HUGE Wall-E fan, I went with that. Of course my eyes were trying to get me to purchase more and more. They even have a Mickey Donut holder or an Ellie Badge, OMG. So if you hate wearing Magicbands on your actual wrists, check them out. Wear on your belt, purse, backpack or on a lanyard, while at the same time, you are expressing your Disney-Side.

**Disclaimer…this is NOT a paid advertisement. I found them on my own, purchased items with my own funds. I am genuinely pleased with my purchases.

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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Rope Drop at Disney

Have you ever done Rope Drop at Disney. Do you even know what I am talking about? READ to learn about this Popular Time.

Hey guys, First I want to mention that if you like this blog, these posts…make sure to SUBSCRIBE. SCROLL all the way down and add your email address to get updated every-time I post. I will no longer be linking this blog to Facebook, FB just doesn’t circulate them 🙁 Ok, now back to Rope Drop. We love Rope Drop, especially for when a NEW experience is open. But for those who are scratching your head…let me explain ALL about Rope Drop at Disney.

Years Past:

Years ago, like back when I was youngish…they would let people into the parks, slightly early. You would show your ticket and wait behind an actual ROPE. They (the Cast Members and sometimes Characters) would slowly walk the rope back, allowing more and more guests to enter the park but it also allowed you to get closer and closer to your first destination. This process was known as Rope Drop. It basically meant you were first in line, first in the park and were actual there when they dropped the rope and you got to RUN (I mean walk at a proper pace) and get your first fastpass or ride your first ride of the day.

What happened:

Like all good things, someone ruined it. Actually it was a bunch of people that ruined it. As Disney got more and more popular and certain experiences came out, people would RUN, knock others over, race and trip and fall to get to the MOST Popular NEW thing. This of course became a trend and was deemed unsafe. Imagine herds and herds of people running, knocking over strollers, little kids, etc. I admit, I did this, I remember being apart of this. I, of course, did it safely as I grew up doing this “race” (quick Nina get a fastpass to Haunted Mansion, hurry). But others, not so much. So Disney stopped, for the most part, doing this.

Magic Kingdom:

Then for a while, they would do a “Rope Drop” where people went through the turnstiles and got to wait in-front of the train Station, but actually IN the park. They would welcome you into the park and you could watch them introduce the Family of the Day. Then character after character would arrive on the train. Thats right, the Walt Disney World Railroad would bring a whole celebration of amazing characters for all to see and wave at. Rope Drop became a FUN thing to witness, not just a “first in the park” event. But, of course…that ended too 🙁 They realized that as much as people loved that Welcome Show, that space between the turnstiles and Main Street just wasn’t big enough. AND people would still RUN through the entrance halls and it caused issues. People, aka guests, just can’t contain their excitement. Especially once Elsa and Anna arrived to the Magic Kingdom, lol. Something about those Frozen sisters got everyone a little crazy.

What if they DROPPED the Rope?
Rope Drop for a NEW Land/Ride:

Rope Drop for a NEW experience can often be a completely different “rope”. It could mean that they let you into the park as normal, but hold you in an area within the park to prepare you into a certain land or NEW ride cue. They might actually use a rope as the area might be smaller and easier to contain. This happened for Rope Drop of Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. We got into the park a little before opening. Then they held us at the entrance into Adventureland, which is a narrower space. We all gathered and waited. Once the rope was dropped, we all raced to the NEW land. Some ran, some walked and some looked very confused, lol. Either way, we were all going to the same location, had the same goal…but some wanted it more than others I guess. And yes, I ran. I was filming and holding my kids’ hand all at the same time. WE rode the Falcon within 10 mins and it was worth it. We loved the rush, the adrenaline flow and the excitement.

So basically, the moral of the story is this…when I say to arrive at Rope Drop, I mean arrive BEFORE the park actually opens and wait. I mean you should calmly get to your destination at a brisk pace. There may or may not be an actual rope and there may or may not be a little show, a welcome party, etc. It may just mean that you enter the park before all the other sleeping people do. Grab a coffee and a muffin and just do it.

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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