What to pack for the Airplane?

Headed on a trip? Haven’t flown in a while or with kids before? READ on for my Airplane Tips.

Hey Peeps, as I pack and prepare for my upcoming trip I was thinking about our flight. And I actually get this question often, especially from people who haven’t flown in a while or its a first with kids. What does one need for the airplane. READ my list of things I pack for our Airplane Flight. And I know each flight is different and each airline is different and flying with kids is WAY different than going solo…so you might have different items on your list.


So why water? You can get water on the plane, you can even get it with ice. Well we pack water or I should say water bottles for 2 reasons. 1 – how clean or filtered really is that water? Or the ice? I know on Delta, they now pour from actual brand-name water bottles…but what if they don’t all the time. 2 – I pack water bottles as when and if they do give you water, there is NO lid, NO straw. Kids are messy, kids spill and mix that with potential turbulence and you will have wished you packed a water bottle. TIP: Pack it empty and fill up after security, but before you board.


This might be a no-brainer but many people forget as they are usually rushing off to the airport and forget to grab lunch or breakfast, etc. I pack our snacks the day before, in our airplane bags. Then that morning, depending on how long the flight is…I will pack a “lunch” like meal. Breakfast is easy to toss in a bag; muffins, dry cereal, bars, etc. They do sell “meals” on the plane but…I can’t guarantee they are super fresh or yummy. But I can guarantee they are $$$. You can also get to the airport a little early and grab a to-go item it the airport, but again $$$.


#1 item to pack – Headphones. We each have our OWN set and always keep them in our airplane bags. Most planes have individual TVs now, so you will be instantly ready for entertainment. I love Delta for this. Other airlines, you might want to pack a tablet for the kiddies, pre-loaded with movies. Don’t forget books, magazines, etc. TIP: Avoid anything for the kids that might fall on the floor. I have learned to skip crayons and dice and small items and stick with sticker books, game systems or even magnet sets.


I can’t stress this one enough – pack wipes and USE THEM. Clean the table, the seat, the window, the seatbelts, the air controls, the TV and even the seat pocket. Use anti-bacterial lotion for your hands and avoid touching too many things. As soon as you get off, WASH your hands. Am I crazy or smart? Both perhaps, but flight attendants don’t have time to sanitize each and every seat. Imagine ALL the germs that crossed your row; coughing, sneezing, vomiting, spit-up from kids, bathroom hands, etc. People always wonder why they get sick on or after vacation? Ding, ding, ding – Airplane germs.

and MORE:

Some other items to make your stay on the plane more comfortable, how about a neck pillow. I love mine; some inflate, some are cloth, etc just make sure to get it BEFORE the airport. Using one is so much better than a hurt neck if you fall asleep in the wrong position. Blanket, large scarf, hoodie sweater or ladies poncho like cover-up. These are great for covering your face, your arms, etc. Planes can get chilly and for longer flights, it helps being able to block out the lights and people. Gum, candies, ginger chews, motion meds are also KEY items to pack. I can’t live without my gum on a plane and my daughter NEEDS meds and ginger to relax the motion issues. We also ALWAYS pack a bucket (in case).

Pack GUM, helps with Ear Popping!

I have a few other things I always pack, but above are the basics. What do you ALWAYS pack? What can’t you fly without? I’d love to know.

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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Shoes? What SHOES should I wear to Disney?

So you heard that Disney is A LOT of walking and are wondering what shoes are best? Sneakers, Sandals, flip-flops – Oh My.

Hey guys, welcome back to another post BASED on a question I get at least a few times a month. What shoes should I wear to Disney? What shoes should my kids have? Do I need to purchase special shoes? All good questions right?!?! Have you been thinking the same thing? READ on for what shoes you should consider for Disney.

First I want to mention…what you wear and what you pack is a personal choice. Your feet, your fashion, your vacation. These are what work best for me, for my family…after years and years and several trips later. In the end, wear what your feet like, what works best for miles and miles of daily walking…on concrete, in the heat. Sounds appealing, right? PS – I love Disney 🙂


I am gonna start with kids as I get this more than the adults. As adults we know what our feet like, generally…but our kids…who knows, lol. So for my kids I get them Stride Ride Waterproof Sneaker like shoes. They are technically sandals, but they have a sneaker tread on the bottom. Their toes are completely protected and there are ventilated cut-outs for breathing and water-flow. These are also their summer shoes. I like the sneaker tread for walking, toe coverage for safety and the vents for RAIN. Keens also work and are designed similarly.

The Men:

AS I am not a man and perhaps have a different style, I have noticed most wear what you would think to wear – Comfy sneakers. My husband wears hiking like shoes, but light-weight and designed to look more like sneakers. They hold up well for long days of walking. My only issue is RAIN. What if it rains?? IF you would wear them, I actually suggest shoes like my kids suggestion, if fact I think the entire family should wear Keen like shoes. As it rains often in Florida and no-one likes soggy shoes. But if going the sneaker route, get NICE socks; breathable socks and wear the shoes in a little. Water blisters are not fun.

Park Shoes!!
The Ladies:

Ladies are all over the map in the parks. Its hard to gauge as many could be locals who are only visiting for a few hours, so cute sandals with straps are OK. I personally need more support and coverage for a week long journey of intense walking, don’t you? If Keen like shoes aren’t an option…I use to wear Crocs a lot to the parks. But the cute kind, Mary-Jane style with a strap to keep them on and support while walking. Recently I have been wearing Vans or Chuck Taylors (but thats my style). I tend to NOT wear them when rain is on the menu, then I will wear my Chacos. Either way, I want cute, supportive and waterproof if I can.

Hopefully you found this helpful. Ideally think of comfort, long days, and potential rain. If socks are needed, think of those too. They make endurance socks, designed for sweat and walking. If purchasing NEW shoes, wear them in a little – to prevent blisters. Speaking of blisters, don’t forget to pack blister-aids or some other protection for your feet. Just remember to love your feet and think about the pain you might feel at the end of the day. And its ok to try to look cute too 😉

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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Things TO DO Before Vacation: Packing for Disney

Headed out on vacation and afraid you will forget something? READ this list: Packing for Disney World & Beyond.

Hey guys, I am headed on vacation here in a few weeks. And one thing I always worry about is forgetting something. And I don’t mean, just packing items. I know many of you also have “nightmare” like dreams before a trip. READ this list of things not to forget to do BEFORE vacation: Packing for Disney World.

Hair and Nails:

I find this to be a COMMON item that people want to do before a trip, but often forget as time draws closer. So ladies don’t forget to spruce up your color, get those “Disney” nails and make sure those feet are cute shoes ready. Guys – don’t forget to trim your hairs too. And don’t forget the kids, they need beauty maintenance too. Now for those that might be wondering, why?? Why do I need to get my hair done – PICTURES. Most people on vacation take TONS of pictures and often are seeking out that amazing family pic.

My Disney Toes. Sorry if toes gross you out – eek.
Toiletry Shopping:

I can NOT tell you how many times I ask my husband if he needs anything at the store…just to have him write items on the list AFTER I went shopping. As annoying as this is on a week basis…its very, very frustrating ONE day before your trip. So make sure EVERYONE looks in their toiletry bags, bathroom cabinets, etc and shop for all your beauty items BEFORE you go. These “oops” I forgot to pack items can be costly. This majorly includes Sunscreen, Aloe and Deodorant. So make a list, check all your bags and shop ahead.


So I don’t just mean packing clothes…I mean making sure you have the right clothes for the right vacation. AND I also mean, clothes that fit. I have this issue every trip. Based on temps, location, style of trip and if I added a pound or two, certain items might need to be replaced. And KIDS, make them try on their summer shorts (especially if winter) and see if you need to purchase the next size up. Bathing suites and shoes too. Do this in advance, 2 days before your trip just adds more stress than needed.

Park Bags:

I find it VERY helpful to pack my “park” bag BEFORE the trip. I do this for a few reasons. 1 – make sure you OWN everything you need. 2 – helps you see if you are bringing too much and perhaps need 2 backpacks. 3 – it prevents you from forgetting something at the last minute. Rushing to the parks in the morning it tough enough, but finding you forgot an item is worse. Practice and pack ahead.


I get many emails about people forgetting certain things…so to prevent vacation “nightmares” and I mean during sleep time. Label your suitcases NOW. Add your luggage tags NOW. Pack your swimsuits, sunscreen and such items NOW. Put your Magicbands in your bags NOW. Make lists and cross of items as you pack.

Hope this helps prevent any packing drama incidences. I have become a PRO at packing, travel in general and traveling with kids.

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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