Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage RIDE – Disneyland

Ever wanted to travel in a Submarine? Want to experience the bottom of the Sea? READ about Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage RIDE at Disneyland.

Hey fans, yesterday I uploaded a NEW video that features the super cool ride – Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in Disneyland. This is a kid favorite, family fun, classic ride that is worth the wait. Wonder what the bottom of the ocean looks like? Wanna ride in a “REAL” submarine? Then this ride is for you.


The first question I always get is…is it really a submarine? YES, yes it is…well sort of. Its a boat really, but designed, crafted and feels like a real submarine. AND you actually board it and sit in these attached fold-up/spring loaded seats, like at a stadium. You look directly into your own port hole (every view is a good view) and witness the “diving” of the sub into the depths of the ocean (aka Disney Lagoon). Witness colorful sea-creatures, coral reefs, Nemo and friends and more.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Is this NEW?

So this ride is a remodel of the Original Submarine ride at Disneyland in the 50’s. It was renovated to feature Nemo and the gang. Newly painted subs, updated sea life and new tech that allows you to see Nemo (on a screen) while bubbles and sea life are in the foreground. Its actually pretty sweet and for those still under the imagination magical spirit of Disney (kids)…this is a REAL thing. You are actually in water and are actually moving.

Is that a Diver? P. Sherman??
The Original:

Remember the original ride – Submarine Voyage? I LOVED it. Loved seeing all the hand-painted sea life, the bubbles when you “dive” to get closer to the bottom and the basic “cheesiness” of it all. Its SO not real, but with an imaginative heart, it is. You can imagine, is this whats it’s really like. Are starfish really that bright? Wow a ship wreck at the bottom of the ocean, how cool. Its kinda a Disney cult classic ride, so don’t miss out and expect a wait, so time it right.


Years ago, Disney added real life Mermaids to this attraction. Lovely Mermaids with gorgeous tails would sit and splash around on the rocks. They would sun-bathe and entertain guests as they waited for the ride. Sadly the mermaid addition ended due to many factors, health being a major reason. Those “mermaids” spent a good part of the day in chlorine, smelling toxic chemicals and being under the direct sun ๐Ÿ™


For those headed to Disneyland, please don’t pass up this attraction. There are always rumors spreading that a ride could close, so see it while you can. It is 100% cheesy, and rightly so…but kids love it, its family friendly and gets you out of the direct sun for a few. You don’t actual “dive” if that’s a concern. Only slight issue, that I can see…is the tight, spiral staircase that you have to use to get from the dock to your seat. Its only a few steps, but might be difficult for littles.

Make sure to check out my RIDE video on this attraction and if interested in a Disneyland Vacation – let me know. Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

Its Getting HOT, HOT, HOT at Disney

Summer is here and the weather can be HOT. READ my 5 tips for dealing with the heat on your summer vacation at Disney.

Hey guys, today’s post is about weather, most specifically how to deal with the rising temps at Disney. I have many clients who LOVE going during the summer (crowd levels can be lower). And I have clients who are teachers or have older kids, this summer is the best time to travel outside of the Holidays. So with temps at their highest…what do you do?? My top 5 tips to enjoy you summer vacation at Disney World.

#1 – WATER, Hydrate and repeat:

So as much as this sounds like common sense, its apparently not. People forget to drink water or they think soda or ummm…wine/beer is the same. Sorry to say, it’s not. You need water and lots of it. This is especially important for older folks, younglings and those who easily get affected by the heat. I mean, think about it…you are going from ride to ride and hanging out, drinking water can be a forgotten task. BUT DO IT. Pack refillable bottles and hydrate. Your body will thank you.

#2 – FANS:

So a few years back this idea would be for the kids and those with scooters, but did you know you can also get fans for your neck?? Thats right, I travel with a fan that hangs around my neck and blows air up at my face. Its not amazing, but it totally works and helps cool down my head, hands free. I have them for everyone in the family. Just remember to pack extra batteries. Also consider a stroller fans and attachable fans for scooters too.

#3 – BREAKS:

So often Disney is considered a FULL day event, but in the heat…this can be challenging. So summer is the perfect time to enjoy your pool, at you Disney Resort hotel of course. I often help customize plans for my summer travelers to help make the most of their day(s). Between dining and fastpasses, you don’t want to skip a beat or miss anything important. So coming up with a game plan that includes a break from the direct sun can be HUGE. Even a long (air-conditioned) lunch can help with this.

FUN in the SUN – Summer Vacation at Disney.

Now these things are AMAZING and can be found anywhere, even Disney sells them. WE have them in every size, they even make a kids size. Just add water and snap…you have an instant cooling towel. Wrap around your neck and enjoy. These are great for cooling down your back, your core and for the ladies (your chest).

#5 – RIDES

Ummm…say what?? Did you know that some rides are longer than others? Some are low-wait and pumped with air-conditioning? So mid-day when the heat is on, we like to break with a Dole Whip, COLD water and a nice air-conditioned ride. WE really miss Ellen’s Energy Adventure for this ๐Ÿ™ Also mid-day is the perfect time to actually explore the interactive areas of Epcot, the in-door areas. Key to this thinking is air-conditioning and if there is seating too – SCORE.

I hope my top 5 ways to deal with the summer heat has helped you consider summer as a vacation time. Due to the heat, it can be a great time to go as crowd levels are lowering. Consider it a great time to swim, relax, and explore Disney in a different way. I find we do slightly different rides/attractions in the heat and makes for a perfect summer vaca. We are hitting up Disneyland this summer (and it will be HOT), stay tuned for how we handle that and enjoy our trip…with LOTS OF WATER!

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My FAVORITE 5 Snacks to pack for Vacation – Disney

Headed on Vacation? Worried about cranky kids, hungry picky kids or have Food Allergies? READ my TOP snacks to pack for Vacation, especially Disney.

Hey guys, after yesterdays post, I thought I would continue some packing TIPS. I love snacks, kids love snacks and even though Disney is FILLED and FILLED to the top with snacks…its not always the type of snacks I want to eat 24/7. Sometimes I want something healthier. Or something for a quick breakfast on the go. So whether you have Food Allergies or not, or on the Meal Plan (which I LOVE) packing some park snacks CAN save the day.


OK – you heard me. I 100% pack DRY Cereal. Its great for breakfast, a simple snack, finger foods for tots and it can be on the healthy side. Its dry, lasts forever and doesn’t melt. Cheers for Cereal!! Place in a baggie and you are good-to-go.

SUGAR – YUM – Erin McKenna’s WDW
Protein Shakes:

Since I work with hundreds of families every year, one common concern I find is parents worried about protein for the kids. My kids just eat junk, all they want is pizza, pasta and more starch. How about packing protein shakes to have in the morning with your dry cereal? I actually do this for myself, along with green juice. With all the yummy, surgery goodness that Disney can offer, why not fight it with healthy, vitamin filled protein shakes? Mine has 16 grams of protein; vegan, allergen friendly protein.

Green Juice ๐Ÿ™‚
Healthy Bars:

This goes with the above thought…protein bars to combat the sugar. It’s also an easy item to toss in your park bag; pack a whole box in your suitcase and you are ready. Just be-careful about chocolate flavored bars…nothing’s worse then trying to eat a melted granola bar that gets everywhere and sticks to your fingers. I aim for high fiber and lower sugar.

Breakfast Bar – filled with Protein
Go-Go Fruit Pouches:

This is the perfect idea for littles. And its great for parents that worry about kids digestive systems, you know what I am talking about. Toss a few of these in your park bags to keep the kids regular and hydrated in the heat. They even make veggie ones and again I stick to low sugar, high fiber ones.


OK – yep I said chocolate. I even said this after saying NO chocolate granola bars. This treat is more for the allergy kids. Disney, at one time, had an arrangement with Enjoy Life and sold SAFE chocolate bars on property. I am sad to say that I can’t find them anywhere, so I am back to packing them. When kids are offered just fruit for dessert, pop one of these out and enjoy. I am also known for sneaking 1-2 myself, mamma needs her chocolate too ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope these lists are helping you out, PLEASE remember to LIKE and COMMENT and FOLLOW along. You can follow my BLOG and receive email updates when I post, easy right?!?!

And of course, I would love to help with a vacation – Mahalo Nina