Disney’s Star Wars Land – Galaxy’s Edge

Headed to Disney and wondering about Star Wars Land? READ and Learn the skinny on the situation and what you will find.

Hey guys, talking about one of my favorite topics and one that has my clients a little overwhelmed. What is Star Wars Land aka Galaxy’s Edge, do I really need to see it and how can I maximize the magic? First its currently ONLY opened at Disneyland, but the Walt Disney World opening is just weeks away and waiting has been a LONG time coming. For those who aren’t HUGE Star Wars fans or for those who want the simple breakdown – this is the post for you.

Star Wars Land – Galaxy’s Edge

One thing people are wondering is, what exactly is Galaxy’s Edge and what’s inside. Well for starters, its a planet/place like no other, its Batuu. Its a place where the First Order (the Dark Side) has taken over and if you are lucky you will spot some members of the Resistance (the Good Side). Storm Troopers, Kilo Ren, Ray and Chewie walk around and are living life in Batuu as if its REAL. They have special signage, greetings and have NO clue about what Disney is. Its completely immersive and very much a Planet like Endor or Tatooine.

The Rides/Shops:

Currently only ONE ride is open, will be open, at Galaxy’s Edge and that’s the Millennium Falcon. Yep, you heard me…you might get the chance to pilot the Falcon and even…if super lucky…put it into hyper drive. The second ride, Rise of the Resistance is still to come later this year as the tech behind the ride is SO new and advanced, it needed more time. There are several shops in G.E., ONE being a place to design and build your very OWN lightsaber and your own robotic droid (aka BB Unit or R2 unit). Several other shops with “costumes”, creatures, plush, pins, games, etc to be found as well.


First there is the Cantina which is the HUGE draw for this planet. Of course, food isn’t really on the menu, but pre-mixed beverages are. Along with, of course, the entertainment and the fact that you are in a Star Wars Cantina. There is also a Blue/Green Milk stand (Dairy-Free), space worthy popcorn and Docking Bay 7 which is the quick service food location. NOTE: You will NOT find your usual Disney treats on this planet, as Disney doesn’t exist in Star Wars. BUT try some Star Wars treats and Enjoy!

The Skinny:

For those who want the simple breakdown…here you go. The Lightsabers are $199+ EACH and you have to purchase BEFORE you build or even enter the workshop. Droids (which are super cute and interact with the land) are $100+ The Cantina and the Savi’s Workshop (lightsabers) are SO popular that Disneyland is having people make reservations (day of). The Blue/Green Milk is getting mixed reviews, but worth a try. The food is getting rave reviews but its also not your typical food, think food from another planet. AND since Disney doesn’t want this land flooded with people and lines, Disneyland has developed a “Boarding Group” pass that only allows a certain number of people into Batuu at a time. With this plan, I haven’t seen the line for the Falcon Ride to be longer than 45 mins which is a LOW wait time for a NEW ride.


I can’t say this enough, NO ONE knows what this is going to be like once its opens at Walt Disney World. It could be beyond crazy OR they could instill a last min “boarding group” pass plan that gives guests a waiting queue to enter the land, thus reducing line wait times. NO fastpasses are available or exist or will be developed for the land, especially at this time. But a boarding group could be the “fastpass” answer for this. Its working great at Disneyland. I am hoping WDW will follow suit and is paying close attention to how its working at its Californian counter-part.

For now I am helping my clients create custom plans for this regarding their personal needs and desires. As a HUGE Fan, you couldn’t keep me away but for others, it might be something to save for next time. It’s a personal choice and something I am talking about daily with my clients. Stay tuned as I will be posting more and more about this. Especially as I build my very own R2 Unit next month in Disneyland ๐Ÿ™‚

Mahalo for reading and following along. I would love to custom plan you a Disney Vacation – let me know – Nina

Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade – RETURNS?!?!

Miss seeing an Evening Parade? Miss the original Night-time parade? Well Guess what?? READ and find out about the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Hey Guys, if you have been following all the Disney chatter, you would know that the Main Street Electrical Parade is returning. But for how long? And why? How come Disney made such a BIG deal about retiring the fan favorite…just to bring it back again?

Main Street Electrical Parade – Disneyland

2 Years ago, almost to the day, Disneyland brought back the FAMOUS parade for a LAST, FINAL show to then retire the parade forever. I was there. I just happened to have plans with my family for that final show. They announced it would retire and fans came out to see the parade, one last time…for weeks. It was the parade I first saw, the one I grew up with. Its been part of the Disney magic since the 70’s. Its been to Disneyland, Disney World and beyond…but its the USA parks that hold it near and dear to their hearts.


Late August 2017 was its FINAL run…or was it? Just yesterday they announced that the Main Street Electrical Parade would return to its original home for a 2 month span. That’s right, its coming back to Disneyland, this Aug-Sept!!! But its got me wondering and it has people asking…why not at Disney World?


AS excited as we all are, as I am…as once again I will be there, it has me wondering why? Why bring back this amazing parade for just 2 months? Why make such a HUGE good-bye if they are just going to bring it back? Makes me wonder, what else can they bring back? PLEASE oh please bring back the Backlot Tour at WDW. And please…where is the Redhead? I want her back too. And Paint the Night, that was a great parade too? But with all of this…why? Is it because of Galazy’s Edge? Too many people or perhaps not as many guests as thought?


This also makes me wonder, where will the parade go after the 2 months? Will it once again become permanent somewhere? Perhaps a post Holiday Parade for 2020 or what if…it moves back to Walt Disney World? I mean, WDW hasn’t had an evening parade in forever, its needed. Why not bring back Main Street? And with Galaxy’s Edge expected to hog all the guests at Hollywood Studios, why not give Magic Kingdom a draw?

But don’t get me wrong, I love the Main Street Electrical Parade more than any parade ever and I am uber excited to see it again, for one last time? But what if? What if it doesn’t retire, I mean perhaps the Main Street Electrical Parade needs a “come-back tour”? Musicians and Actors can do it, why not a parade? Stay tuned as I will post about it when I see it in a few weeks, but hoping it won’t be the last.

Mahalo for reading and following along – Nina

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Monsters Inc – Disneyland RIDE Experience

Thinking about visiting Disneyland? Love the Monsters Inc movies? READ to learn more…

Hey Fans, to piggie back on my YouTube video, I thought I would talk more about the super cute, family friendly, great for all ages – Monsters Inc attraction ride at the Disneyland Resort.


So this attraction is in the Disneyland Resort, but is actually located at Disney’s California Adventures Park. Its located across from the Animation Academy, on the way to Guardians of the Galaxy (Tower of Terror). I find the area to be fairly quiet, which makes this ride kinda a hidden gem. Super Heroes are now meeting in this same area, so not sure how long it will be “hidden” for…but I haven’t had to wait longer than 15-20 mins max.

The Queue:

A ride queue is the pre-ride area, some are just a line and some are interactive. The pre-show to Monsters Inc is cute with hidden details that really make it a perfect way to entertain yourself while waiting in the line. The premise to the ride is you are getting ready to take a Taxi Cab ride in Monstropolis. On your way to your taxi, you are in a subway like area with pay phones, vending machines and public service announcements. Look at the details, listen to the screens and enjoy.

Welcome to Monstropolis!!
The Ride:

The actual ride is much like every Disney “Dark” Ride. You are in a “taxi” car and it runs on a track thru a series of scenes. The basic story-line is the retelling of the Monster’s Inc movie, the first one. You get to see Mike, Sully and Boo. Randall of course makes an appearance and so does your other fave Monsters. The scene with the doors is pretty cool and I love the cute touches added to make you feel like you are in the movie, so to speak.

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Disney World:

Walt Disney World also has a Monsters attraction but its SO different. Disneyland’s is an actual RIDE, WDW’s is a show. At Disney World, in Magic Kingdom, you enter Tomorrowland for the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. This attraction is an interactive show where random audience members are asked to participle and answer questions. Its funny and silly all at once. Sadly its not all that popular, but a good way to keep out of the sun for a few. Most people, I think, would prefer a RIDE over a show – am I right?

I hope this post gave you a little insight into a ride that might not be as predominate in the typical guests vacation game plan. I find that if its not a coaster or a fastpass ride, people don’t always know its there. Disney is filled with “hidden” attractions that first time guests don’t usually know about. So please…put Monsters on your list and let me know if I can help plan a fabulous Disney Vacation.

Mahalo for READING and Following along – Nina