About Nina

Hello Fellow Disney Vacationers,

I am Nina…I am a HUGE Disney FANatic.  I also happen to be a Magical Vacation Planner, planning all Disney Destination Vacations.  And it’s your Lucky Day…as I also happen to do this for FREE. that’s right – NO Service FEE.  I book and plan all Disney Destinations and work for and with an awesome “Earmarked” Agency (TMC Travel, the Mouse Connection).  And for those with Special Food related Issues…I specialize in Food Allergies, Vegan Eats and other Dietary Needs.  I vacation at Disney every and any chance I get and sometimes I even bring the kids, lol.  So please join me as I blog and share about all the Magical fun you can have at any Disney Destination.

If you thinking about booking and planning a trip…

Contact me today – Nina@goTMCtravel.com or 734-890-2350.

Check out my FB page – http://www.facebook.com/wordofmouse – I post a weekly “wordofmouse” tip of the week, along with other tips, trivia, info and vacation deals.


Nina and her Bestie – Princess Ariel

Thanks for stopping by – Nina or as my little friends call me Mermaid Nina 🙂



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