When will Disney OPEN? Just more Click Bait NEWS?

So, you are nestled in your home and wondering when will Disney open back up? READ ON…

Dear Nina, we are getting nervous, we really want to keep on planning our Disney Vacation but don’t know when it will open. Can you answer that? We are still a go, can’t wait but will it open for our trip in Oct? Thanks again – Nancy AND every guest everywhere on the planet.

Hi Nancy and every Guest Everywhere, I am going to be 100% honest with you. I don’t know! Disney probably doesn’t know and I am thinking the Government doesn’t even know, yet.

There are many, many, many CLICK BAIT articles out there, even CLICK BAIT YouTube videos that have the title, “When WILL Disney Reopen”. The truth of it is, no-one knows and if some higher up, secret Disney Cast Member/CEO/Chair-member/Mickey Mouse does know, they haven’t shared it. Many are saying late May or June and others say not until Fall/Winter and some are saying not until 2021. I am personally at the point that I won’t even open those articles anymore, they are just causing stress and further worry. As always, Keep following my page for more tips & tricks and when Disney does announce something, I will 100% announce it on my page, in fact I will probably scream it so loud that the next state over can here me. But…here are some thoughts to consider, if and when Disney does open…

#1 – Reduced Hours/Experiences:

With everything going on, It would not surprise me if and when Disney reopens that they would have limited or reduced hours. I say this, as reducing the number of shows, parades, fireworks, etc could help with furthering “Social Distancing”. It would not surprise me if Fireworks are reduced to every other night or just 3 times a week. Fireworks & Parades draw crowds, so reducing those might help them feel like they are semi “Social Distancing”.

#2 – Limited Guests:

Reducing the number of Guests would be another way of keeping up with the trying to stay “6 feet” away from each other. I am not sure how this would all work and not pretending too, but I can 100% see them reducing the number of guests allowed in each park, in each ride line and shopping location. I can even see them only allowing Resort Guests for the first few weeks.

#3 – Dining:

This kinda feels like a no-brainer…but I would not be surprised if Dining changes a bit; buffets for example. I foresee them removing ALL buffets and family style meals and going full on Menu for ALL locations. I also wonder how Characters will continue to meet & greets guests. Certain characters might have to stay home; as washing fur might be harder than washing hands?? Just a thought??

#4 – Reduced Fastpasses, Lines:

This is another option that wouldn’t surprise me, in fact many are already complaining that certain fastpasses are harder to get than before. It wouldn’t shock me at all if ALL lines go to a Fastpass type or electronic waiting system. Thinking it could work like a Boarding Group or the DAS pass. This would reduce the number of people standing in line as well as also allowing you, as the guest, to experience other things like shopping, eating and my favorite – People Watching while “waiting in line”.

#5 – Medical Checks/Masks:

I know, I know…Medical Masks are the NEW cool things to wear, lots of super cute Disney Designs are already popping up BUT in all seriousness, It wouldn’t surprise me if Disney requires ALL guests to wear masks or at least ALL Cast Members when Disney opens back up. It also wouldn’t surprise me if guests are required to get Temperature Checks as well. They did it for Cruises, why not the parks? Many are also saying that Theme Parks could require people to take a quick Covid-19 test at entering, but not sure how real that is. Either way, the parks already put out Hand Washing Booths and Hand Sanitizer Stations so I can see them upping the ante.

Either way, we have a trip planned for June and are hoping it happens. As much as I don’t want a semi-reduced experience, I trust Disney. And I trust that they will do it right, making it safe for all. AND, I want OUT OF MY HOUSE!! We are staying home and doing what is asked of us as we are hoping that the sooner this is over and reduced, the sooner Mickey can come out and play again 🙂

So when will Disney open, I just don’t know. But I suggest everyone just keeps planning, having something to look forward to is good for the soul. Disney has been amazing at allowing guests to change dates or get refunds, so why not plan and hope and dream. Its the Disney way!!

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