Boy Meals at Disney World

Thinking about heading to Disney World, but you have ALL boys. Worried that Disney is too much princess and not enough Pirate, READ ON…

Dear Nina, I saw your recent FB Post on getting Princess meals for some little girls. As fun as that sounds, what do you do for boys? I have all boys and I don’t think they will enjoy a Princess Meal. Do you have any suggestions? Where should we eat? Any Cars, Toy Story or Star Wars Meals? Any boy meals at Disney World? HELP!?!? We are so excited to be working with you, thanks for booking our dining. Sam.

Hey Sam, thanks for the question and I actually get this often. Disney is a LOT of Princess, it is. Princesses are in most every Disney Movie and are the foundation for Walt’s early Animations, story-lines. So it makes since that Disney would promote Princesses, but I get it. I have a boy too:)

So read below for some suggestions on boy meals at Disney World. But if it helps, my son has done ALL of the Princess Meals and loved them. You would be amazed how flirty and cute the little boys get when meeting Ariel or Aurora. Its a precious moment. And I have had boy families enjoy a princess meal or two, for the Boy Moms wanted to fulfill their own dreams. The boys took one for the team and secretly enjoyed it 🙂 Keep following my page for more tips & tricks and I can’t wait to book your dining:

Toy Story:

Many families ask me about a Toy Story meal and as there isn’t currently a Toy Story Meal with characters, you can enjoy a fun Quick Service Meal in Toy Story Land called Woody’s Lunch Box. And NOTE – a NEW Table Service Toy Story meal is in the making, but we don’t know if it will or will not be a character meal at this time. Here’s hoping.

Sci-Fi Dine-In:

I love this restaurant location and so does my son. As I don’t want to classify it as a boy meal, it does involve classic cars and sci-fi, lol. Who wouldn’t want to dine in a classic car while watching vintage sci-fi commercials on a giant movie theater screen WHILE eating classic Americana eats like Burgers, Fries and Milkshakes. NOTE: you can get Vegan or Dairy-Free Shakes!! Our FAVORITE treat!

Character Meals:

There are also several NON Princess Character Meals on property. Again, can’t call them boy meals, but boys love them too. Try Tusker House, Garden Grill, Ohana, or Chef Mickeys. You might meet Minnie, but she loves all 🙂 Sadly there aren’t any rough and tumble boy character meals like say Pirates/Peter Pan or Star Wars Characters but that would be amazing. Disney, if you are reading, this is what we want!!


Since there aren’t any Character Meals set for just boys, per-say, I found that knowing where to meet those characters your boys are hoping to find saves the day. You can 100% meet Woody, Buzz, Chewie, Kilo Ren, Lightning McQueen and even Cruz. Princesses might seem everywhere, thanks to those Disney commercials, but they really aren’t. Plenty of magic for all to enjoy. As your Travel Agent we can discuss this at great detail to make sure we are booking the right “boy” meals for your family. But in general, I find most meals are perfect for all, boys & girls alike.

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