Is my Child TOO OLD for a Stroller at Disney?

Headed to Disney and wondering if your child is too old for a Stroller? Worried people might stare? READ ON…

Dear Nina, thanks for all your tips and advice!! We are so excited to be working with you!! Question? Is my 6, almost 7 year old, too old for a stroller at Disney World? My husband is worried that people will stare or make comments. I am worried about pushing a larger kid all day, but he can get kinda whinny and with all the walking I was curious on what you think? Plus, we don’t even own a stroller for him anymore. HELP, LOL.

Hi Sarah (aka Client), I so get this. I felt the same when our oldest was that age. But first, thanks for the sweet comments – I love helping out my peeps. Keep following my page for more tips & tricks.

So…Pushing an older or even larger child in a stroller can be draining, this is why I personally try to find a lightweight stroller and I try not to load it up with bags and trinkets. I try to keep it to just my kid in the stroller. As far as the should you…read below for my thoughts:

First – WHO CARES:

First of all, its Disney, kids everywhere will be in strollers. I am not sure if there are people who are judging the ages of children in strollers, but if there are, who cares! You paid for this trip, its your magical vacation and if you feel that your child (no matter the age) needs a stroller, you go for it. As in our case, it was a matter of sanity. If having our kid in a stroller meant less meltdowns, less drama and less whinny – we 100% strollered.


So, if you are on the fence, consider this. If your child doesn’t use a stroller at home and they can easily walk long distances when at the zoo, mall or even family walks around the neighborhood, think about this: At Disney you could be walking 10+ miles a day? Can your child do this for days on end, in the heat? Walking around the zoo all day, is ONE day…Disney is multiple days. Do you think your child can handle that?


As you mentioned, you don’t own a stroller for your child anymore, either did we, lol. So when I decided to stroller my 7 year old, I had to purchase one. We could have rented, but I wanted something super lightweight, I wanted a cheap umbrella stroller as they are easier to maneuver and collapse. So I took my giant (lol) child to the Baby Store and had her sit in all the strollers. I purchased the one that gave her the most space and leg room. I went as lightweight, cheap and roomy as I could get it. We did get some looks from surrounding pregnant moms, but figured they would understand soon enough, lol.


If you decide to stroller, here is my little tip. So you find that you don’t need the stroller the entire day or you just don’t feel like pushing it all day, we found that we could leave our stroller at any Stroller Parking Area and return for it later, as needed. We also had 2 trips where we brought the stroller as an “in case” and left it in the room. If we felt like we needed, we used it the next day. Either way, I was happy to have it just in case. As your Travel Agent we can discuss this at great detail to make sure you are making the best decision for your family. But in general, I do suggest a stroller, if for anything…peace of mind and less kid drama.

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