How to SAVE on a Disney Vacation

Wanting to Visit Disney, but trying to save a buck? Learn how to save on a Disney Vacation very easily.

Dear Nina, I was just watching your “How to Save at Disney” Video and was wondering…can I really use Disney Gift Cards to pay off my trip? How much can I save? Do you suggest it? Is this the best way to save on my Disney Vacation?

Hi Reader, thanks for contacting me. Yes, yes you can!! And I get this question alot. I have many clients who do this and have saved several hundred dollars when using Disney Gift Cards to pay off their ENTIRE Disney Vacation. On a $4000+ trip, I had a client save about $200 or so doing this recently.

The key to making this work, to actually SAVE a decent amount on these cards, is to purchase them at a Discount. The other key is to purchase MANY. You aren’t going to save much by doing this for a few hundred, to really save you need to do this for the entire trip cost, think thousands. Below are my additional thoughts on this:


Many of my clients have done this, most purchasing them online, from an authorized vendor that offers discounts for every card purchased (careful there are SCAMMERS out there too). Others purchase at their local grocery store, Target, etc when Gift Cards are sold at a discount. I love the idea of grabbing a few cards every-time you are shopping, toss them in the cart and save weekly/monthly…assuming you are getting a discount on the cards. Either way, make sure they are OFFICIAL Disney Gift Cards.


So, you decided to do this and now have many, many cards hanging around. SAVE THEM ALL, don’t toss them away. If, for any reason, you get funds back, they will go back on those exact cards. So grab a Ziploc or box and save those babies until your trip is complete and memories were made.


So, this sounds amazing right?!?! Save a few hundred off your vacation, instantly…but with everything…there is a slight concern. My personal concern on this is, what if you need to cancel your trip due to a financial emergency? Like you totaled your car or lost your job or find yourself needing funds quickly, so you cancel your vacation to rebook at a later date. Issue is, you aren’t getting cash back, you are getting Disney Gift Card funds back. Can’t pay off your emergency bills with a Disney Gift Card. Just food for thought. I personally prefer saving with my Disney Visa Card, earning points for every dollar spent. I have saved BIG that way.


Assuming you decide to do this trick and get thousands of dollars worth of Disney Gift Cards, my PRO TIP – make sure to consolidate them. To pay off your trip, using Gift Cards, you have to enter them EACH in, manually…refreshing the page every-time. So grouping them into larger amounts and thus, less cards is key. And better yet, book with a Travel Agent and let her use her magic to pay your trip off with those Gift Cards šŸ˜‰

Like what you read? Found these tips helpful? Consider booking with a Trained, Experienced Travel Agent who vacations at Disney more times than they can count and knows the systems and policies inside and out. Booking with an expert CAN make your trip that much better.

Nina is a Highly Experienced Travel Agent who Specializes in Disney. She loves to share her knowledge and help her clients have the trip of a lifetime. She specializes in Making Memories, Family Destinations, Food Allergies and Special Needs. But she books Disney & Beyond, so contact her TODAY for a quote!!

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