Disney+ What the Heck?

Did you get a subscription for Disney+? Or are you on the fence, still considering? Read on…Disney+ Streaming.

Hey Fans, sorry its been a few days, life got a little crazy and by little crazy, I mean I was sick. Well today Nov 12 was the BIG Day!! Big Day for what you might ask? It was the launch of the LONG awaited Disney+ Streaming Service. That’s right, Disney ALL THE TIME, on your devices!!! And I must say…we were VERY excited at my house.

The Wait:

This service has been in the works for longer than I can mention and was finally announced a few months back with the ability to purchase. Advance purchase was cheaper but you ran the risk of getting something without the complete and total knowledge of what you would see and how you could see it. But its Disney, so of course they say “jump” and you say “how high”. Being D23, I got a sweet deal, but it was a 3 YEAR (pay now) deal. Again its Disney so I just jumped on board. So for months we waited and waited, slowly getting more highly guarded info; new programs, specially created content and potential movies from the past.

Nov 12 – The Launch:

So the day finally came, kids were home from school (snow day) so having this to explore and enjoy all day was a huge bonus. We turn the TV on and…no Disney+ app. Idiot me thought since we have a Smart TV (Samsung) that I just needed to turn on the TV and BOOM instant magic, as I do with Netflix or Amazon. Nope. Apparently our TV is NOT compatible. Of course this was the worst time to realize this. Snow knee deep and 2 kids so excited they can’t function. MOM FAIL. Why didn’t I research this? Why didn’t I expect this? Either way, we needed Disney+ and we needed it NOW.

The Solution:

So with 2 sad kids I did some quick research, called a few people and took my sad (snow day) kids to the store to purchase our Life Saver, the Roku Express ($24.99). So for those in the same situation, here you go. Apparently Fire Stick and Chromecast were also options, but I went with the cheapest, hehe. Just plug in, sign up (no more fees) and BOOM Disney+. Sadly Disney+ was so dang popular (duh) that there were some streaming issues, but we just waited again. Being a Travel Agent, the streaming issues weren’t a shock, have you ever seen a Disney Deal Day (aka Free Dining), lol. After-all, at least mom got the app to appear.

Roku for the WIN!!!
The Shows:

Then, just when I started to suggest they watch Netflix, it worked. It was glorious. The kids were jumping, screaming and all I could think was, shhhh don’t scare it, lol. So much magic, so many options, what to watch first. Being the Disney Parks freaks that we are, we went with the Imagineer Series, OMG so good. And so informative. Of course they did such a good job that they made my youngest cry when mentioning the death of Walt. As my son said, I never like hearing that he died ūüôĀ Next it was a new series with Forky, then some Pixar shorts, then…the Mandalorian. Eek…a Star Wars Series with human actors (as in NOT animated). All I can say is WOW and OMG the ending. We were screaming, yelling at the TV and can’t wait for Episode 2. Then the kids watched “Steam Boat Willie” and a few other vintage shorts. We have a whole list for next time.

The Skinny:

If you love Disney, this is a given. But with the addition of Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic…please how can you not purchase. Sure, there are some shows and movies that didn’t make the cut, but the current line-up FAR out-weighs that, IMO. And there was and probably will be streaming issues…but when it worked, it was glorious. So will you take the leap? Or did you?

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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