Universal Orlando…its NOT Disney and thats Ok!

Disney verses Universal…they are like comparing apples to oranges, both fruit but so different AND most people like both. What makes Universal different from Disney?

Hey Fans, I am taking a small break from my Disney and talking about that “other” theme park. That’s right, the one with Harry Potter. That one with Jaws (sorry its gone), ET and crazy coasters. You know what I am talking about, the NON-Disney, thrill seeking, coaster crazy Universal Orlando. I love Universal, I could go back and back. But what do I love about it, that they are NOT Disney. Disney is amazing, but Universal has a way of being entertaining in its own way.


I am gonna start with this as its what I hate most about Disney, transportation. Disney is very spread out, which I get. Walt Disney World is HUGE and has several resorts. Universal is 3 Parks (1 being a Waterpark) and a handful of resorts (but they are growing) but for now…everything is CLOSE-BY. But this means most things are walking distance. I can walk from one park to the other. I can park hop in a quick minute. You can easily get from your resort to the parks in 5-10 minutes, especially when the resorts have boat access.


Disney has fastpasses which are great, but you only get so many. Universal has an Unlimited Skip the Line Option which is HUGE. Stay at one of the nicer resorts and you get this perk for FREE, its included in the resort stay. This means riding a ride over and over again, as many times as you want with no wait. It means doing all the popular rides faster than anyone else. And I don’t care what anyone says, this is a priceless perk. After going during a so called “slow season”, having that perk allowed me to see and do it all in less time, with less frustration and less time in the heat, under the sun…in a long line (which gave more time for Hagrid, lol).

Thrills and Chills:

Disney has some amazing coasters and thrill adventure rides, but Universal has so many more. You want upside-down, you want crazy 3D adventures, you want a mix of the movies with intense and crazy rides…that’s Universal. They have several where you are in the movie (so to speak), with action mixed with ride movement…all thrills and chills.

Harry Potter:

I can’t tell you how many times clients ask for Harry Potter. They want to meet Mickey Mouse and Harry. They want to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which of course is hands-down amazing. They want to learn what house they belong too from the Sorting Hat, they want to find the perfect wand and they want to drink Butterbeer (NOT dairy-free). And don’t forget riding the Hogwarts Express. You can only do this at Universal and to see and do it all…you need to take your time and soak in all the awesome themeing.

Hogwarts Express

These are just a few examples of how Universal is different, but equally amazing. They are different but they are both great in their own way. Disney is perfect for families and those who just love Disney (movies, characters, service, etc). Universal is perfect for teens, young adults, people who love that non-Disney humor like Shrek and the Minions. Make sure to follow me and let me know if I can make your Universal (or Disney) dreams come true.

Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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