Magicbands…they aren’t for everyone.

Magicbands are an amazing part of a Disney World Vacation, but for some, they aren’t all that magical. Magicband Alternative

Hey Fans, so this post was prompted by a purchase I made for my son, from Etsy. As much as we all love our Magicbands, he just won’t leave his alone and thus we have lost a few along the way. Losing a Magicband is something that can be fixed, but…lets just say…its better to NOT lose it, lol. So for our last trip I rigged a set-up so he could wear it on a lanyard verses his wrist and boy was that a game changer. Magicbands, not just for your wrists and not for everyone; magicband alternative solution.

What is a Magicband:

Magicbands are colorful, silicone like bracelets that ALL Disney Resort guests get as part of their Disney Package. They are AMAZING. Magicbands link to your account and are basically your park tickets, room key, fastpasses, meal plan, etc. They are something you wear 24/7 during your trip. Taking them off and on can often cause problems (falling off), not to mention if you forget it at your resort and went to the parks that day without it, oops.


After people started complaining that often the bands might fall off (especially when putting on a backpack) or some people, for whatever reason, can’t wear a band SO Disney came out with an alternative. They designed a way to remove the center “puck” oval and place it in a different “holder” that can be attached to a lanyard, backpack, belt, etc. This was a great option, except the designs were basic. Just a plain Mickey or Minnie shape. Not to mention they were an additional cost. As much as I wanted one to try, I knew my son would want something more “him”, with more character.

My Solution:

So I decided to take my son’s magicband and seal it with a hair tie band that would keep it a solid circle shape, basically can’t fall off. Then I attached it to his lanyards, so his band was easily accessible to “clicking” at the parks. This worked out great, but it was a little boring. Just a band attached to a lanyard. But once I discovered that this concept worked great, I digged a little deeper. I found this amazing Etsy shop that custom makes “puck” holders for Magicbands.

IS this the Droid you are looking for? @BDIinfo
The NON-Bracelet Solution: @BDIinfo Products

For kids with sensory issues, Autism perhaps, younger kids who won’t/can’t keep a magicband on their wrists or for people who just hate wearing them…this is the perfect, character solution for you!! I found this shop that custom makes holders based on popular Disney Characters. Or Popular Disney Food. Or popular Disney anything. This shop is amazing!! I had a super hard time deciding which one of the cute holders to get, but with my son being a HUGE Wall-E fan, I went with that. Of course my eyes were trying to get me to purchase more and more. They even have a Mickey Donut holder or an Ellie Badge, OMG. So if you hate wearing Magicbands on your actual wrists, check them out. Wear on your belt, purse, backpack or on a lanyard, while at the same time, you are expressing your Disney-Side.

**Disclaimer…this is NOT a paid advertisement. I found them on my own, purchased items with my own funds. I am genuinely pleased with my purchases.

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  1. Oooh, I like it! I worry constantly about bands falling off – they never have mind you, but I am paranoid. Also I am one of those people who can get a mild topical rash sometimes from close fitting wrist wear. (I wear a ‘bracelet watch’ for a reason!) So this is GREAT and super cute!

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