Entertaining KIDS in a LONG Ride Line?

Headed to the parks, but worried about the LONG lines? Wondering about the kids? READ my TIPS on entertaining Kids in line at Disney.

Hey guys, so this is the question on EVERY parents mind…what to do with my kids, especially in line. Well I have a few tips on the subject. Long lines are ZERO fun, but they could be. They could also be a place to make some awesome family memories, they are for me. I remember lots of line waiting growing up. So plan ahead and try to enjoy it too.


Ok – I say this in every post, ever. SNACKS!! Snacks are the answer for everything and should be in every bag, backpack and purse on the planet. Am I being dramatic, am I – perhaps not? We don’t leave the house without snacks, Disney is NO different. I know, there is FOOD everywhere…but not in line there isn’t. I ALWAYS have a variety of snacks in my bag, most being healthy. But I find hunger is one of the biggest contributors to being cranky, tired and whinny. Long line = hunger. Pack those snacks and pass them out.

Cell Phone:

Yep, I said it. Having your Media device can be a HUGE line saver. Think Apps, videos, Movies, Games, Music, etc. Make sure to download everything at home and have an easy section on your phone to find them. PACK backup battery packs and your cords. AND you might want a phone PER kid. Check out trivia and mind game apps for the older kids. WE love games that the entire family can play and even other line goers. I love seeing other families yelling out answers trying to guess the answer from a single clue. Its like family game night meets Disney ride line.


OK – I cheated – same reason as above. But don’t forget about the tablet option, especially for really little kids that you don’t want to pass your phone too. Also plan ahead and download what they like. Sneak in a few educational games too, nothing wrong with learning while at Disney 😉

PLAY Disney App:

This is semi-new and completely awesome. Its an app that interacts with the parks. You can earn points, answer trivia, listen to music, learn about the parks and its a map. Nothing cooler than playing Disney while being at Disney, its just spreading the magic. Make sure to download at home and research it a little bit…as you need other apps to use some of the features.

PLAY Disney App
Other thoughts:

Some other ideas are music or books on tape (think iPOD). Make your own trivia questions or print some off the net. OR a Disney Trivia Book? We have a Hidden Mickeys book. Give your kids a camera? My son loves his camera and can take hours of pictures and videos, then look at them and take more. Its a HUGE long line win for us. Books? I have actually seen people reading in line. OK, that might be for older kids, but still. Video game systems. Remember your Game Boy? And fidgets. I know, so last year…but things that kids can play with in their hands are entertaining. Even toys that spin or flash can be a win.

What items work for your kids? I would love to know. Leave me a comment.

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