So…what is Cars Land – Disneyland?

Headed to Disneyland? Wondering what exactly is Cars Land? READ this and learn all about it.

Hey fans, Thinking about Disneyland today and wondering how much people really know about Cars Land. I mean, if you haven’t been, perhaps you don’t really understand HOW amazing it actually is. This fantastic land is a HUGE draw for Disneyland in California and its NOT to be missed.


Cars Land is located at the Disneyland Resort, in Disney’s California Adventure Park. Its an entirely themed land, based on Pixar’s Cars Movie. Remember Radiator Springs? This is your chance to see it in person, up close and live. Walk the same path as Lightning McQueen and enjoy this calm, peaceful town both day and night. That’s right, I said night…see it light up in the evenings for an even more perfect ending to your day.


There are 3 awesome rides featured in Cars Land. The main and most popular is Radiator Springs Racers. Jump into your very own vehicle, designed just like a character featured on Cars. Race with your fellow park-goers and experience the high speeds only Radiator Springs can offer. Meet your favorite characters along the way and make sure to buckle those seat belts. As this ride is fast and races on a track, those with motion issues might avoid. And there are 2 other rides as well, for sure suiting for younger car fans, but enjoyable for the WHOLE Family. See the Video for more.


That’s right, you heard me. You can meet several Cars Characters in Radiator Springs. Just head over to the Cozy Cone area and wait in line…your favorite car just might be stopping by for a little chat and photo opportunity. I have met Cruz, Tow Mater, Lightning McQueen, DJ (who is now at WDW) and RED (the fire truck). Keep your eyes open as you never know who will be driving down the street, looking to park at the Cozy Cone Motel or take a stroll down the street.


Cars Land features one main restaurant – Flo’s V8 Cafe. AS you can imagine it has a classic dinner like feel but with some amazing details, if you look closely. Take the time to walk around and see the little touches that make this place. The other eats location is the Cozy Cone, counter service. The Cozy Cone features several “Cones” each with its own themed snack item. Be sure to check it out and get some cone themed foods. For more healthy based snacks, check out Fillmore’s; Fruits, Hummus, snack packs, Juices, etc.

The Cozy Cone Motel – Cars Land, Disneyland
The Skinny:

So…if it isn’t obvious, I love this area at Disneyland. It’s a MUST for anyone visiting the parks. Of course we also love the Cars Movies, so each and every time we enter Radiator Springs, we tear up a little. Its a great place for the whole family. Its also a great place for a family picture, complete with the Radiator Springs Hills as the backdrop. The 2 other rides are just pure, silly fun and when looking for rides for littles, this is perfect. TIP: The Racers ride is extremely popular, so arrive early or score a Fastpass.

Make sure to enjoy all my other Posts/Videos on Disneyland. Its amazing how many different attractions there are from Walt Disney World. We love exploring the parks and doing all the hidden adventures that are special/unique to the California based parks.

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