Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage RIDE – Disneyland

Ever wanted to travel in a Submarine? Want to experience the bottom of the Sea? READ about Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage RIDE at Disneyland.

Hey fans, yesterday I uploaded a NEW video that features the super cool ride – Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in Disneyland. This is a kid favorite, family fun, classic ride that is worth the wait. Wonder what the bottom of the ocean looks like? Wanna ride in a “REAL” submarine? Then this ride is for you.


The first question I always get is…is it really a submarine? YES, yes it is…well sort of. Its a boat really, but designed, crafted and feels like a real submarine. AND you actually board it and sit in these attached fold-up/spring loaded seats, like at a stadium. You look directly into your own port hole (every view is a good view) and witness the “diving” of the sub into the depths of the ocean (aka Disney Lagoon). Witness colorful sea-creatures, coral reefs, Nemo and friends and more.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Is this NEW?

So this ride is a remodel of the Original Submarine ride at Disneyland in the 50’s. It was renovated to feature Nemo and the gang. Newly painted subs, updated sea life and new tech that allows you to see Nemo (on a screen) while bubbles and sea life are in the foreground. Its actually pretty sweet and for those still under the imagination magical spirit of Disney (kids)…this is a REAL thing. You are actually in water and are actually moving.

Is that a Diver? P. Sherman??
The Original:

Remember the original ride – Submarine Voyage? I LOVED it. Loved seeing all the hand-painted sea life, the bubbles when you “dive” to get closer to the bottom and the basic “cheesiness” of it all. Its SO not real, but with an imaginative heart, it is. You can imagine, is this whats it’s really like. Are starfish really that bright? Wow a ship wreck at the bottom of the ocean, how cool. Its kinda a Disney cult classic ride, so don’t miss out and expect a wait, so time it right.


Years ago, Disney added real life Mermaids to this attraction. Lovely Mermaids with gorgeous tails would sit and splash around on the rocks. They would sun-bathe and entertain guests as they waited for the ride. Sadly the mermaid addition ended due to many factors, health being a major reason. Those “mermaids” spent a good part of the day in chlorine, smelling toxic chemicals and being under the direct sun 🙁


For those headed to Disneyland, please don’t pass up this attraction. There are always rumors spreading that a ride could close, so see it while you can. It is 100% cheesy, and rightly so…but kids love it, its family friendly and gets you out of the direct sun for a few. You don’t actual “dive” if that’s a concern. Only slight issue, that I can see…is the tight, spiral staircase that you have to use to get from the dock to your seat. Its only a few steps, but might be difficult for littles.

Make sure to check out my RIDE video on this attraction and if interested in a Disneyland Vacation – let me know. Mahalo for READING and FOLLOWING along – Nina

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